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November 9, 2003

Something is better than nothing...

This is just a temporary post until I figure out exactly what all I want to put up here, and the type of layout I want for it.

November 11, 2003


It was a work in progress, but since there's already been complaints about the fonts, I guess I have to go ahead and make it pretty before I make it look the way I want. I don't like the colors or the layout yet, but I'll be damned if I let the font get out of hand...

Beginning of the End?

Alright, well, all the major bits are done now. Just a few minor things that dont show to much to take care of and I'll be all set.
I'll try to post a couple times a week, though no promises as I'm neither very prolific, nor very good, at writing. That, and not much happens worth commemorating apart from the occassional dog fights and such. I worked on this damn thing for a couple hours today to make it look right, so I'm done for the night. Time to watch the end of Shrek and go to bed. ciao.

November 12, 2003

They take the Short Bus

They are what we call 'special'. Actually, they are The Specials. A low-budget movie, the last third of which I caught on TV some two odd plus years ago. It's what Mystery Men might be have been with no money, special effects, or production value. But The Specials is entertaining. We think. So much of it was censored that it was hard to tell sometimes. I recommend it though, no boobies that we could see, no stuff blowing up, and not really any action, but it does have Deadly Girl, and a chick that lays eggs.

Just like gradeschool...

Tonight was the final night of my 'kickboxing' class. Twice a week for the past nine weeks my girlfriend and I have attended this thing. We were the only people that never missed a class. As a reward for perfect attendence, the instructor gave us a free membership/pass to use the weight rooms in any of the Irving rec centers until the new year. It's probably ~100 value. Not bad for spending $50 for both of us to take the kickboxing. And when I say kickboxing, I mean that sometimes we would kick bags, and sometimes we would hit them with our fists, but most of the time, we ran around the gym and did lunges.

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November 13, 2003

Fruits Basket

There just isn't a whole lot one can say about Anime. It's just too odd. I just finished watching another set of Fruits Basket, a cartoon about a family suffering from a curse that causes them to turn into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac whenever stressed to much, or hugged by a member of the opposite sex. There's also an 'electric' girl with the uncanny ability to sense that there is a second unclean bathroom in the house. I really can't explain it much better than that.

I'm continuing to try to figure out what to do with myself this weekend. Apart from going to see Bubba Hotep, nothing has presented itself. I need to start saving up $1 bills and go to a gentleman's club some weekend.

November 15, 2003

Pharohs gobble donkey goobers

An ancient Egyptian graffitti-scrawling soul-pooping mummy has accidently been awakened, and is now sucking souls through the asses of a nursing home's residents. The only ones to stop it are an aged Elvis, and JFK who was turned into a black man by the CIA.

That's the gist of Bubba-Hotep. Easily the best horror/comedy Ive ever seen at the Angelika to date. It's as though someone had a script of 'two old farts find man eating mummy' and realized it sucked like that, and in a colon-blow of an epiphany decided the best way to make it good would be if the old farts were the real Elvis, and a black JFK. Jebus save us. Overall though, the movie wasn't bad. It was pretty funny at times, and Bruce Campbell is a passable Elvis. Thank you, thankyouverymuch...

In other news, I was home by 10:30 on Friday night, and it looks like I'll be in bed by 1. Im a sexy beast all right.

November 16, 2003

Sunday is for football

So that's the biggest part of what I did today, and a little bit yesterday. OU won 41-3 over Baylor. Lots of money lost (and gained) as the spread was 53. Dallas Cowboys lost (yay) and the Chiefs lost, so the undeated NFL streak has ended. Interesting to the college fans, is that USC will apparently be dropping to number 3 in the BCS behind Ohio State even though USA trounced Arizone, and OSU required another lucky-break OT win to beat Purdue. The fickleness of the computers can't be stressed. The season will eventually end with the usual business about who the real number 2 team is, more mutterings for a playoff, and TCU even if undefeated, will likely get shut out of a major bowl which may prompt Congress to seriously think about laying some anti-trust smackdown on the NCAA. The NCAA has its head so far up its own ass, Im sure it can see the tonsils.

One of the dogs, Mira, got out twice this weekend. She digs a small hole by the fence, and the the big dog, Luna, joins the fun and makes the hole large enough for Mira to squeeze out. It has become more and more of a problem in recent months.

Speaking of the dogs, we took the two of them to the dog park yesterday, and a cat fight almost broke out. The place was packed. Apparently, they were having a meeting to discuss the future of the park and stuff. There were a lot of territorial and aggressive dogs there, and a few fights broke out. Poor Moltar and Nico were all riled up and Marc had to take them home early. Just before Tracy and I left, another ruckus broke out, and one woman, a Great Dane owner (who's dog was no where near the altercation), commenced to tell the owner of the other dog that she didnt know what she was doing and did not know about 'her breed.' There was then some shouting and vulgarities slung between then, but sadly, no actual fisticuffs.

Monday Night Football, incoming in 22 hours.

November 17, 2003


San Fran just finished beating the Steelers. I think that evens their record to 5-5. It's a statement of how sad the NFC is that a record of 5-5 with only 6 games left leaves a team with realistic playoff expectations.

This was the first Monday in about 9 weeks that I did not go to kickboxing. So, to make up for the lack, we played raquetball for an hour instead. The recreational centers in Irving are great for cheap work-outs. The membership itself is $3 for 2 years, and the racquetball is $25 for a year, and you can bring up to about 4 guests.

After that, Ninsi, Zero, and myself went to Olive Garden for dinner, and had the usual crap-ass service. Followed by a couple hours of 3-man Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes. A game for the XBox. Im playing the hot elf sorceress, because I like to play with hot elf-type girls. It's pretty decent. We only died a few times, and will finish it before to long if we keep playing.

The BCS came out today, and as epected, Ohio State is the new number 2 by merely .19 points. I belive if they win out, they will retain that spot. Of more interest, is Texas, which is sitting in the number 5 spot with 2 losses. You kinda have to think that maybe if they hadn't laid the egg against Arkansas, they might be a little higher in the polls, and have a chance at the Sugar Bowl themselves. They are talking about it in Austin, how they still have an outside chance at the Championship game. I dont think the BCS would allow it to happen though since they really wouldn't want OU and Texas to play again in the big game.

In other news, it took Mira less than half an hour to dig a hole under the fence this morning and get out. Fortunately, since it was raining, she didn't go very far.

November 18, 2003

Something you wanted to know...

If you care, you want to know, if you dont care, you well, don't care. But anyway, I learned something on the way to work this morning that I found interesting. In the BCS, each Strength of Schedule point (SoS) is worth .04 against the teams total. Click the 'continue reading' link for extended elucidations on this and how it relates to the USC/OSU dilemna...

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Im not telling you what it means, but it was printed on one of the shirts we got tonight at the Cast Party for my work. The other says 'I just left a padded booth.' The company I work for (Funimation) had a party this evening for all of us at the office and for the 'talent.' The voice actors and stuff. Free food, a couple free drinks, and all the karoke we could handle. It's my personal opinion that karoke should only be sung by those that can't, and although a few did sing well, there were plenty who could not, and that's always a good time.

In other news, "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" special edition came out today. So go get your copy. It is NOT, as a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, so elequently put it, "3 hours of midgets hiking." That was actually what they said about Fellowship, but it still isn't true.

November 19, 2003

Fruits Basket II

Parts three and four actually. I got the last two DvDs of the Fruits Basket season. Probably will watch them over the next couple weeks. It's really a groovy cartoon.
About to go play raquetball. And then try to figure out dinner. Later, probably more D&D, or working on this site. I need to find more Friendster Friends that will leave me testimonials.

In other news, the Mira dog got out again, as you can read in Ninsianna's blog. So this weekend, we get to put up some chicken wire since electrified cattle wire was to expensive.

How far up NDs butt can the NCAA crawl?

This is really an ongoing question as it takes on a new form with each passing year. Notre Dame is a school with a long history of tradition and excellence. This year, however, they suck. They are sitting on a 4-6 record. That is not a good football team. The NCAA has informed them, though, that if they win two more football games this year and get to 6-6, then Norte Dame will get to go to a bowl game and catholics around the country can wet themselves with glee.
Just click here to read the article on ESPN. A 6-6 recored, in my opinion, is not a good year of football, and not someting that necessarily should be rewarded. The real problem I have with it is that I dont really believe that the NCAA would have told any other 4-6 scool that they could get into a bowl by winning two more games. The NCAA is as seemingly a corrupt organization as exists anywhere, and this is just another in the long line of poor decisions they have made.

In other news, raquetball went well. We quit keeping score after the first game, but I think I still won. :)

November 20, 2003

Say it ain't so...

It looks like the inevitable is getting closer. Mike Stoops is all but a sure thing for the new Arizona head coach. He's the current co-defensive coordinator at Oklahoma. We knew it would happen eventually, but that doesn't mean we were ready for it, or have to like it. For the story as it currently stands, check it out here.

Thus ends the Dream

The Horned Frogs finally lost this evening, and the power that be at the BCS can, for the 4th year in a row, let forth a collective sigh of relief. With the loss this evening to Southern Mississippi (read about it here), the TCU Horned frogs will most assuredly drop out of the BCS top 12, and possible out of the top 20. Though there is no guarantee that they would have been invited to a BCS bowl even if undefeated (unless they were a top 6 team), any hope for it is now completely dashed. The financial loss is a potential $13 million. It will be to easy now for the voters and BCS officials to say 'See, they were not really that good.' This does a huge disservice to TCU and what they accomplished this year. As a date, TCU has a great personality...

It has so far managed to produce undisputed National Champions, but the BCS good luck streak which rivals that of Ohio State over the past two years will eventually end and turmoil will reign. The BCS is good in theory, but to complex and discriminatory in practice. I dont think that Congressional interference will make it any better, but if the government does step in, maybe it will force the NCAA to actually look for a system that is more equitable and at least gives the smaller conferences a chance against the big boys. One can only hope.

//warning, geek stuff inc//
In other news, we played D&D this evening for the first time in a couple months. Our little posse is maybe two sessions away from a full on assualt of the Iron Fortress. My mage, Thaylor, is now level 16. wooga.

November 22, 2003

Space filler

I did not actually make an entry yesterday, so I'll try to just give a quick rundown. Not a whole lot happened, which is the standard day for most folks who work in IT, such as myself. Did an extraordinary small amount of work while I was at work yesterday. Mostly played minesweeper, and surfed. Did manage to get in a few lines of Cold Fusion before calling it a day, though.

Played an hour of video games with the roomies before heading to Bone Daddy's for dinner. Violated Beer Can chicken is the best the thing on the menu. A whole chicken, with an empty can of Schlitz shoved up it's hoo-ha. It's pretty damn good though. Meegan, Amy, and Marc met us there, and after about two hours, we came back over here. There was some Fruits Basket watching, and some pool playing. Eventually we settled down to playing some Grass and introduced our new friend Meegan to the drinking game, f.u.b.a.r. We hope she had a good time and wasn't put off by my somewhat daunting to the average person collection of Alice peraphanelia. (Alice in Wonderland, that is) It's not a huge amount, but it's more than the normal guy my age should probably have. Hopefully, Meegan will have realized just out cool we all are, and come hang out with us more.

In other news, it looks like Michigan is going to beat Ohio State. We'll call that a good thing, and move on. The OU/Texas Tech game is about to start, and I feel the big TV calling me...

November 23, 2003

Getting chilly

It got cold today. We went to Deep Ellum last night after a good 5-6 hours of watching football. (OU won, Ohio State lost, so USC now on track for Sugar Bowl vs OU). It was very mild, but windy. Hung out at Ascension for a short while, and since no one was there, we moved over to Blind Lemon/Club Clearview. That was fun. A lot of '80s music was played in the Art Barn. They were having a Duran Duran after party, so it was pretty cool. We eventually tired of it though, and around 1 am, went back to Ascension, which actually has better music, just needs more clientel.

Today though, was fargin cold. Me, Ryan, and Tracy were all pretty tired. Tracy went to see Wonderland with Amy, and after lunch, Ryan and I watch a little football, but then started playing D&D:Heroes. When Tracy got home, she started playing too, and we played til about 6:30. Almost four solid hours of mindless button pushing. Some friends of Tracy's was in down for the Comicon, so we met them for dinner at BD's Mongolian BBQ. Worst service I've ever had there. When the manager came by just as we were leaving and asked how it was, I told him how bad it had been. The food was fine, but our waitress just sucked. 3 other people actually attended to us instead of the one that was supposed to. He said he'd talk to her, and as we were walking out the door he gave us each a ticket for a free meal there, so that was pretty cool.

It's been a real lazy day, all in all. The only exciting thing was Luna throwing up this morning and acting real sick for a few hours, but she seems much better now. Tomorrow I'll start thinking about Thanksgiving, and what to pack when I go to Oklahoma for a long weekend. It will be rough getting up before noon tomorrow though, since I barely managed it either day this weekend.

In other news, the Paris Hilton tape does not seem to be at all worth the download time. Even on broadband.

November 25, 2003

Two days to gluttony

It's a sin, as we all know. Gluttony that is. Yet, we have an entire holiday based around it. I would blame retailers and other big businesses, but they are too busy trying to push us through Thanksgiving so we start Christmas shopping to really hype Thanksgiving to much. No, we grow fat because we want to eat. Taking an otherwise benign holiday which everyone could celebrate, and turning it into a festival of overindulgence and decadence. That being said, I will eat my share of turkey at least twice during the forthcoming long weekend since Tracy and I are going to apparently dine at both of our respective folks houses.

I was guilty of another sin yesterday as well. Sloth. That's not uncommon though either. And only as it relates to the ole blog. Didn't write. Played video games and raquetball instead. My big project for today will be asking my boss if I can work from home tomorrow, which would help us get out of town a little sooner and maybe not get stuck in quite so much traffic as we trek back to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.

Briefly, in sports: The Bucs won, and still have an outside shot at the playoffs if they can keep their shit together. OU is still the runaway #1 in the BCS, with USC and LSU taking up the 2/3 slots. USC has the inside track and barring a loss to Oregon State or slew of contingencies for LSU that would have to come together like a Hannibal Smith plan, the Trojans should be in the Sugar Bowl. OU fans can pretty much make their reservations now. A loss to K-State in the Big 12 Championship game would probably not knock the Sooners out of the Sugar Bowl, unless it was a blow out by KS.

In other news, I managed to complete the expert level of Minesweeper in 98 seconds yesterday.

November 26, 2003

36 Million and counting

36 million American's will be traveling more than 50 miles each over the pending holiday. Your's Truly among them. Up to the great megatropolis of Eufaula (you-fall-a) at least for a while. Whether we continue on to Tulsa tonight, or tomorrow morning, has yet to be determined. Ninsi just won't make up her mind about it. All she does it wemble on the whole thing.

Other than raquetball, not much going on yesterday. Worked, ate, did laundry. Woo. Had to come in to work today for a while. Still here. Hopefully will get out of here before noon so that I can get gas and get my oil changed before Tracy gets home. I still need to pack. That should take about 10 minutes.

In other news, Tracy will probably stop talking to me after reading this entry, so it's a good thing we'll have Luna along to keep me company.

November 28, 2003

i r stuft

Well, it's the day after Thanksgiving. I'm sitting in Eufaula at my mom's house trying to catch up on email and news that I've missed. Surfing is so very slow here without cable access, so I won't catch up on much, but I suppose I should be thankful they have a computer way out here, much less dial-up.

Tracy finally got off work at about 3 o'clock and we headout out, so it was after 7 when we got here. Luna did very well on the trip up, she just sleeps in the car most of the time. Stay overnight here, and went to Tulsa on Thursday morning to have Thanksgiving with Tracy's family. Though they did not cook an actual turkey, it was a good meal, and we played some games for a few hours afterwards, as well as watched some football. Miami trounced the Cowboys. :)

Ryan and his brother Grady were in Claremore to see their dad, and they drove down to Tulsa to hang out at a piano/karoke bar for a while. Tracy and I went to meet them since we'd been hanging out at the house all day. It was good to get out for a while. One can play pitch for only so long...

Today I picked up my daughter and her two stepsisters, and we did some quick shopping type stuff before dropping Tracy back with her mom. The girls and I will be spending the rest of the weekend together, and plan to go see the Haunted Mansion tomorrow in McAlester. Not much else really happening, just having a standard holiday with the fam.

Luna is doing well. She's getting along with the other dogs, but seems to decide that any house she goes into and stays in for a while is 'hers'. Poochie is a small dog, and Luna actually played with her. She also played with the fat Darwin when they were outside, but reportedly acted dominate over him once they were both inside the house.

I hope that everyone has had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. My daughter's uncle was in a car wreck, and though he is going to be okay, it was fairly close to home, and serves as a reminder that we all need to be careful on the roads. Especially during the high-traffic holiday seasons.

In other news, retail sales were expected to be up a whopping 4%, the largest since 1999.

November 30, 2003

Home again, home again, jiggy jig

Well, four days, and nearly 1000 miles later, I am back home. Having to wrangle four girls was starting to wear on me I think, but we all made it through the weekend.

Yesterday, we went to see The Haunted Mansion. It was alright. Nothing more and nothing less really that I expected. You really can't beat the movie prices in McAlester though when taking a large group. Four kids and one adult, and we all saw it for less than $20. Then popcorn and drinks for all was less than $10. Then, flu shots for the girls. (I refused to get one. I feel it would be unnecessary as I generally refuse to get sick.)

Today was pretty much a driving day. Packed up our stuff, and drove to Eufaula for lunch at my grandmother's house. Then drove to Tulsa and piddled around at McClure park for a couple hours. I carry an aluminum baseball bat and some softballs in my trunk, so the girls and I whacked those for a little bit. Tracy eventually showed up with Luna, and we all just hung around by the play ground until near five when it was time to take the girls back.

It was 5 o'clock before Tracy and I could head back from Tulsa, but we finally made it out, arriving back in Dallas just a few minutes before 10. It was a good weekend, but exhausting, as they tend to be. Next up, Christmas. Still trying to figure out what to do for New Year's Eve. Vegas is alluring.

In other news, Mike Stoops is the new head coach of Arizona, and will be leaving the Oklahoma Sooners. How much presence he will have for the remaining two games this year is yet to be seen.

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