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36 Million and counting

36 million American's will be traveling more than 50 miles each over the pending holiday. Your's Truly among them. Up to the great megatropolis of Eufaula (you-fall-a) at least for a while. Whether we continue on to Tulsa tonight, or tomorrow morning, has yet to be determined. Ninsi just won't make up her mind about it. All she does it wemble on the whole thing.

Other than raquetball, not much going on yesterday. Worked, ate, did laundry. Woo. Had to come in to work today for a while. Still here. Hopefully will get out of here before noon so that I can get gas and get my oil changed before Tracy gets home. I still need to pack. That should take about 10 minutes.

In other news, Tracy will probably stop talking to me after reading this entry, so it's a good thing we'll have Luna along to keep me company.

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I refuse to be provoked today. I'm working on my good karma for this weekend. Only happy thoughts...I will ignore anything you say that I don't like, and you will not have said them.
Mind of matter...


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