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Fruits Basket

There just isn't a whole lot one can say about Anime. It's just too odd. I just finished watching another set of Fruits Basket, a cartoon about a family suffering from a curse that causes them to turn into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac whenever stressed to much, or hugged by a member of the opposite sex. There's also an 'electric' girl with the uncanny ability to sense that there is a second unclean bathroom in the house. I really can't explain it much better than that.

I'm continuing to try to figure out what to do with myself this weekend. Apart from going to see Bubba Hotep, nothing has presented itself. I need to start saving up $1 bills and go to a gentleman's club some weekend.

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Actually, I suffer from the same problem, explaining why I dated women for 13 years. Only, I turned into a character from "The Little Mermaid...a clam, then finding myself with an uncontrollable urge to clean toilets. I could arrange to relocate my urges to "The Gentlemans Club". So bring those dollar bills over my way...


Well I joined gamefly, so if any little envelopes come in the mail from them you can play D&D Heroes and Simpons Hit Run! Both are 4-player I think.


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