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Getting chilly

It got cold today. We went to Deep Ellum last night after a good 5-6 hours of watching football. (OU won, Ohio State lost, so USC now on track for Sugar Bowl vs OU). It was very mild, but windy. Hung out at Ascension for a short while, and since no one was there, we moved over to Blind Lemon/Club Clearview. That was fun. A lot of '80s music was played in the Art Barn. They were having a Duran Duran after party, so it was pretty cool. We eventually tired of it though, and around 1 am, went back to Ascension, which actually has better music, just needs more clientel.

Today though, was fargin cold. Me, Ryan, and Tracy were all pretty tired. Tracy went to see Wonderland with Amy, and after lunch, Ryan and I watch a little football, but then started playing D&D:Heroes. When Tracy got home, she started playing too, and we played til about 6:30. Almost four solid hours of mindless button pushing. Some friends of Tracy's was in down for the Comicon, so we met them for dinner at BD's Mongolian BBQ. Worst service I've ever had there. When the manager came by just as we were leaving and asked how it was, I told him how bad it had been. The food was fine, but our waitress just sucked. 3 other people actually attended to us instead of the one that was supposed to. He said he'd talk to her, and as we were walking out the door he gave us each a ticket for a free meal there, so that was pretty cool.

It's been a real lazy day, all in all. The only exciting thing was Luna throwing up this morning and acting real sick for a few hours, but she seems much better now. Tomorrow I'll start thinking about Thanksgiving, and what to pack when I go to Oklahoma for a long weekend. It will be rough getting up before noon tomorrow though, since I barely managed it either day this weekend.

In other news, the Paris Hilton tape does not seem to be at all worth the download time. Even on broadband.

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WHAT!?!?! You watch the Paris Hilton tape and didn't tell me? You really need to learn to share more. >-|


I downloaded two. One was definately not her. The other, really bad lighting and camera. Anyway, you were in the shower.


Uh, don't you two share a bed?


Oh, and BTW; thanks for the football update; I was refused tv privilages due to the ambiguously gay spouse watching "Oklahoma" on PBS. Can you say "Role reversal"?


Can I just say how disappointing OK was, and Hugh Jackman was? I couldn't watch it after, well, everything was up to date in Kansas City.


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