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Home again, home again, jiggy jig

Well, four days, and nearly 1000 miles later, I am back home. Having to wrangle four girls was starting to wear on me I think, but we all made it through the weekend.

Yesterday, we went to see The Haunted Mansion. It was alright. Nothing more and nothing less really that I expected. You really can't beat the movie prices in McAlester though when taking a large group. Four kids and one adult, and we all saw it for less than $20. Then popcorn and drinks for all was less than $10. Then, flu shots for the girls. (I refused to get one. I feel it would be unnecessary as I generally refuse to get sick.)

Today was pretty much a driving day. Packed up our stuff, and drove to Eufaula for lunch at my grandmother's house. Then drove to Tulsa and piddled around at McClure park for a couple hours. I carry an aluminum baseball bat and some softballs in my trunk, so the girls and I whacked those for a little bit. Tracy eventually showed up with Luna, and we all just hung around by the play ground until near five when it was time to take the girls back.

It was 5 o'clock before Tracy and I could head back from Tulsa, but we finally made it out, arriving back in Dallas just a few minutes before 10. It was a good weekend, but exhausting, as they tend to be. Next up, Christmas. Still trying to figure out what to do for New Year's Eve. Vegas is alluring.

In other news, Mike Stoops is the new head coach of Arizona, and will be leaving the Oklahoma Sooners. How much presence he will have for the remaining two games this year is yet to be seen.


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