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How far up NDs butt can the NCAA crawl?

This is really an ongoing question as it takes on a new form with each passing year. Notre Dame is a school with a long history of tradition and excellence. This year, however, they suck. They are sitting on a 4-6 record. That is not a good football team. The NCAA has informed them, though, that if they win two more football games this year and get to 6-6, then Norte Dame will get to go to a bowl game and catholics around the country can wet themselves with glee.
Just click here to read the article on ESPN. A 6-6 recored, in my opinion, is not a good year of football, and not someting that necessarily should be rewarded. The real problem I have with it is that I dont really believe that the NCAA would have told any other 4-6 scool that they could get into a bowl by winning two more games. The NCAA is as seemingly a corrupt organization as exists anywhere, and this is just another in the long line of poor decisions they have made.

In other news, raquetball went well. We quit keeping score after the first game, but I think I still won. :)


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