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Well, it's the day after Thanksgiving. I'm sitting in Eufaula at my mom's house trying to catch up on email and news that I've missed. Surfing is so very slow here without cable access, so I won't catch up on much, but I suppose I should be thankful they have a computer way out here, much less dial-up.

Tracy finally got off work at about 3 o'clock and we headout out, so it was after 7 when we got here. Luna did very well on the trip up, she just sleeps in the car most of the time. Stay overnight here, and went to Tulsa on Thursday morning to have Thanksgiving with Tracy's family. Though they did not cook an actual turkey, it was a good meal, and we played some games for a few hours afterwards, as well as watched some football. Miami trounced the Cowboys. :)

Ryan and his brother Grady were in Claremore to see their dad, and they drove down to Tulsa to hang out at a piano/karoke bar for a while. Tracy and I went to meet them since we'd been hanging out at the house all day. It was good to get out for a while. One can play pitch for only so long...

Today I picked up my daughter and her two stepsisters, and we did some quick shopping type stuff before dropping Tracy back with her mom. The girls and I will be spending the rest of the weekend together, and plan to go see the Haunted Mansion tomorrow in McAlester. Not much else really happening, just having a standard holiday with the fam.

Luna is doing well. She's getting along with the other dogs, but seems to decide that any house she goes into and stays in for a while is 'hers'. Poochie is a small dog, and Luna actually played with her. She also played with the fat Darwin when they were outside, but reportedly acted dominate over him once they were both inside the house.

I hope that everyone has had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. My daughter's uncle was in a car wreck, and though he is going to be okay, it was fairly close to home, and serves as a reminder that we all need to be careful on the roads. Especially during the high-traffic holiday seasons.

In other news, retail sales were expected to be up a whopping 4%, the largest since 1999.


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