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Just like gradeschool...

Tonight was the final night of my 'kickboxing' class. Twice a week for the past nine weeks my girlfriend and I have attended this thing. We were the only people that never missed a class. As a reward for perfect attendence, the instructor gave us a free membership/pass to use the weight rooms in any of the Irving rec centers until the new year. It's probably ~100 value. Not bad for spending $50 for both of us to take the kickboxing. And when I say kickboxing, I mean that sometimes we would kick bags, and sometimes we would hit them with our fists, but most of the time, we ran around the gym and did lunges.

As an aside, I think Im done with the layout. I just need to get around to adding the stuff that I want to add.

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Hey the link to the rest of the Just like gradeschool post is broken or something.


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