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San Fran just finished beating the Steelers. I think that evens their record to 5-5. It's a statement of how sad the NFC is that a record of 5-5 with only 6 games left leaves a team with realistic playoff expectations.

This was the first Monday in about 9 weeks that I did not go to kickboxing. So, to make up for the lack, we played raquetball for an hour instead. The recreational centers in Irving are great for cheap work-outs. The membership itself is $3 for 2 years, and the racquetball is $25 for a year, and you can bring up to about 4 guests.

After that, Ninsi, Zero, and myself went to Olive Garden for dinner, and had the usual crap-ass service. Followed by a couple hours of 3-man Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes. A game for the XBox. Im playing the hot elf sorceress, because I like to play with hot elf-type girls. It's pretty decent. We only died a few times, and will finish it before to long if we keep playing.

The BCS came out today, and as epected, Ohio State is the new number 2 by merely .19 points. I belive if they win out, they will retain that spot. Of more interest, is Texas, which is sitting in the number 5 spot with 2 losses. You kinda have to think that maybe if they hadn't laid the egg against Arkansas, they might be a little higher in the polls, and have a chance at the Sugar Bowl themselves. They are talking about it in Austin, how they still have an outside chance at the Championship game. I dont think the BCS would allow it to happen though since they really wouldn't want OU and Texas to play again in the big game.

In other news, it took Mira less than half an hour to dig a hole under the fence this morning and get out. Fortunately, since it was raining, she didn't go very far.


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