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Pharohs gobble donkey goobers

An ancient Egyptian graffitti-scrawling soul-pooping mummy has accidently been awakened, and is now sucking souls through the asses of a nursing home's residents. The only ones to stop it are an aged Elvis, and JFK who was turned into a black man by the CIA.

That's the gist of Bubba-Hotep. Easily the best horror/comedy Ive ever seen at the Angelika to date. It's as though someone had a script of 'two old farts find man eating mummy' and realized it sucked like that, and in a colon-blow of an epiphany decided the best way to make it good would be if the old farts were the real Elvis, and a black JFK. Jebus save us. Overall though, the movie wasn't bad. It was pretty funny at times, and Bruce Campbell is a passable Elvis. Thank you, thankyouverymuch...

In other news, I was home by 10:30 on Friday night, and it looks like I'll be in bed by 1. Im a sexy beast all right.


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