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If you care, you want to know, if you dont care, you well, don't care. But anyway, I learned something on the way to work this morning that I found interesting. In the BCS, each Strength of Schedule point (SoS) is worth .04 against the teams total. Click the 'continue reading' link for extended elucidations on this and how it relates to the USC/OSU dilemna...

Now, you may think that .04 is not much, and barely worth a mention, and that is almost true, except when you consider that there are over a hundred schools, creating an equal number of schedule strengths. Presumably, the team with a SoS of 1 is getting Zero points added to their total. (lowest number is what you want.) So, by way of examples...

Right now, OSU is .19 points 'ahead' of USC. OSU has a total of 7.52 and USC has a total of 7.71. Their respective SoSs are 13 and 37. That's a pretty big difference. The SoS moves with every game played, and both teams have a couple good games left. OSU will probably get a slightly better SoS, and USC could move by several points. If USC can gain even 5 SoS points on USC, they will have lost (remember, lower number is better) .2 off their total, which would be enough to jump them past OSU and back into the number 2 spot.
Another way they could do it, is for Washington State to keep winning. Right now Washington is sitting at 10 in the BCS. If they can keep winning, and move up to 8, then USC will gain .2 points for a Quality Win bonus (QW) and that .2 would also be enough to vault them ahead of OSU. Right now USC is getting .1 QW points because of Washington State.
LSU stands an outside chance of leapfrogging USC if OSU should falter. OSU has a touch game against Michigan, and if they lose, there should be a moderate shakeup. Most of the computers have OSU at number 2, and a lot of them might give the spot to LSU over USC. LSU is currently sitting with 12.21 total points though, so they really have a lot of ground to cover.
For the interested parties, OU, the current number one has 1.8 total points, with SoS 10, and .6 QW points from beating the now #5 Texas. Even with a loss, OU would have a fair chance of remaining a top 2 team. We'd prefer to see them just win out though. ;)

For the full BCS, go here

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Ugh, my head hurts. Overall I know what your saying, but to get bogged down in all those little bitty numbers make my temples throb.



Mira tried to dig out this moring too, then when I scolded her Luna decided to jump her. Then the cat ate my cereal. I hate pets.


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