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Space filler

I did not actually make an entry yesterday, so I'll try to just give a quick rundown. Not a whole lot happened, which is the standard day for most folks who work in IT, such as myself. Did an extraordinary small amount of work while I was at work yesterday. Mostly played minesweeper, and surfed. Did manage to get in a few lines of Cold Fusion before calling it a day, though.

Played an hour of video games with the roomies before heading to Bone Daddy's for dinner. Violated Beer Can chicken is the best the thing on the menu. A whole chicken, with an empty can of Schlitz shoved up it's hoo-ha. It's pretty damn good though. Meegan, Amy, and Marc met us there, and after about two hours, we came back over here. There was some Fruits Basket watching, and some pool playing. Eventually we settled down to playing some Grass and introduced our new friend Meegan to the drinking game, f.u.b.a.r. We hope she had a good time and wasn't put off by my somewhat daunting to the average person collection of Alice peraphanelia. (Alice in Wonderland, that is) It's not a huge amount, but it's more than the normal guy my age should probably have. Hopefully, Meegan will have realized just out cool we all are, and come hang out with us more.

In other news, it looks like Michigan is going to beat Ohio State. We'll call that a good thing, and move on. The OU/Texas Tech game is about to start, and I feel the big TV calling me...

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I think Meegan's more daunted by your spelling of the word paraphernalia.


yeah, i knew it was wrong, but couldn't be bothered to fix it. I r teh ubar l33t speller.


Google is a spell-checker ya know.


So's dictionary.com. Anyway, I've read your blog. I dont see much spell checking going on there either...


That's okay...you still look good. I can't spell either, and when you look as good as we do when walking into a room of people, they aren't thinking about your spelling abilities...(*wink*)


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