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Sunday is for football

So that's the biggest part of what I did today, and a little bit yesterday. OU won 41-3 over Baylor. Lots of money lost (and gained) as the spread was 53. Dallas Cowboys lost (yay) and the Chiefs lost, so the undeated NFL streak has ended. Interesting to the college fans, is that USC will apparently be dropping to number 3 in the BCS behind Ohio State even though USA trounced Arizone, and OSU required another lucky-break OT win to beat Purdue. The fickleness of the computers can't be stressed. The season will eventually end with the usual business about who the real number 2 team is, more mutterings for a playoff, and TCU even if undefeated, will likely get shut out of a major bowl which may prompt Congress to seriously think about laying some anti-trust smackdown on the NCAA. The NCAA has its head so far up its own ass, Im sure it can see the tonsils.

One of the dogs, Mira, got out twice this weekend. She digs a small hole by the fence, and the the big dog, Luna, joins the fun and makes the hole large enough for Mira to squeeze out. It has become more and more of a problem in recent months.

Speaking of the dogs, we took the two of them to the dog park yesterday, and a cat fight almost broke out. The place was packed. Apparently, they were having a meeting to discuss the future of the park and stuff. There were a lot of territorial and aggressive dogs there, and a few fights broke out. Poor Moltar and Nico were all riled up and Marc had to take them home early. Just before Tracy and I left, another ruckus broke out, and one woman, a Great Dane owner (who's dog was no where near the altercation), commenced to tell the owner of the other dog that she didnt know what she was doing and did not know about 'her breed.' There was then some shouting and vulgarities slung between then, but sadly, no actual fisticuffs.

Monday Night Football, incoming in 22 hours.


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