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Thus ends the Dream

The Horned Frogs finally lost this evening, and the power that be at the BCS can, for the 4th year in a row, let forth a collective sigh of relief. With the loss this evening to Southern Mississippi (read about it here), the TCU Horned frogs will most assuredly drop out of the BCS top 12, and possible out of the top 20. Though there is no guarantee that they would have been invited to a BCS bowl even if undefeated (unless they were a top 6 team), any hope for it is now completely dashed. The financial loss is a potential $13 million. It will be to easy now for the voters and BCS officials to say 'See, they were not really that good.' This does a huge disservice to TCU and what they accomplished this year. As a date, TCU has a great personality...

It has so far managed to produce undisputed National Champions, but the BCS good luck streak which rivals that of Ohio State over the past two years will eventually end and turmoil will reign. The BCS is good in theory, but to complex and discriminatory in practice. I dont think that Congressional interference will make it any better, but if the government does step in, maybe it will force the NCAA to actually look for a system that is more equitable and at least gives the smaller conferences a chance against the big boys. One can only hope.

//warning, geek stuff inc//
In other news, we played D&D this evening for the first time in a couple months. Our little posse is maybe two sessions away from a full on assualt of the Iron Fortress. My mage, Thaylor, is now level 16. wooga.


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