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Two days to gluttony

It's a sin, as we all know. Gluttony that is. Yet, we have an entire holiday based around it. I would blame retailers and other big businesses, but they are too busy trying to push us through Thanksgiving so we start Christmas shopping to really hype Thanksgiving to much. No, we grow fat because we want to eat. Taking an otherwise benign holiday which everyone could celebrate, and turning it into a festival of overindulgence and decadence. That being said, I will eat my share of turkey at least twice during the forthcoming long weekend since Tracy and I are going to apparently dine at both of our respective folks houses.

I was guilty of another sin yesterday as well. Sloth. That's not uncommon though either. And only as it relates to the ole blog. Didn't write. Played video games and raquetball instead. My big project for today will be asking my boss if I can work from home tomorrow, which would help us get out of town a little sooner and maybe not get stuck in quite so much traffic as we trek back to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.

Briefly, in sports: The Bucs won, and still have an outside shot at the playoffs if they can keep their shit together. OU is still the runaway #1 in the BCS, with USC and LSU taking up the 2/3 slots. USC has the inside track and barring a loss to Oregon State or slew of contingencies for LSU that would have to come together like a Hannibal Smith plan, the Trojans should be in the Sugar Bowl. OU fans can pretty much make their reservations now. A loss to K-State in the Big 12 Championship game would probably not knock the Sooners out of the Sugar Bowl, unless it was a blow out by KS.

In other news, I managed to complete the expert level of Minesweeper in 98 seconds yesterday.


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