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Does a toga count?

I think this is a swimmingly good idea for a party. So we need to find people who will attend, or find someone hosting one that will let us attend. Here's the link again, read the cartoon.

I'm also still waiting to be contacted by hot Dutch femmes. I also would like redheads from South Africa, or Ireland. Actually, since the Dutch aren't cooperating, any contact by hot women from any Scandinavian country would be fine. So, again, that's Scandinavians, South Africans, and the Irish. Can also accept New Zealanders and Australians.

My girlfriend will be disowning me soon, I fear.

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Hon, you already dumped my ass for being a Fanatic Demon. But seriously, at last give it a few days before you start schlonking all my friends. Good luck with the Scandanavians, South Africans, Irish, and folk from Down Under.


Shlonking internationally - geez does that ring a bell. If the Dallas Cup (intl HS tournament) this spring includes girls teams, you could get international High School Girls...all for you!


Guess who just got the hot goth chick Andrea as her friend?!? That would be me. : )

Yes, you, me, Tracy, Meegan. everyone. She's the friend of us all.


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