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Don't push the button that says 'dont push'

Or, don't mess with things you don't understand. Or some other proper turn of phrase that would be appropriate when you do something that not only erases everything in your email inbox, but actually makes sure that anything new that comes in, is also erased.

That's what Ive done. Futzed around with another program that erased everything in my inbox, and then, while I watched, after sending myself messagse so my inbox would not be so empty, it deleted all the new stuff.

If you sent me email today, i may have deleted it. To a more or less unrecovereable degree. I'll update when Ive got it fixed. This only pertains if it was sent to me at work. Since that the one that I've futzed up.

Okay, 3:20 update. About 2 hours later, and Ive fixed it. I can retain email again. Wooga. God damned POP server can lick my nutz...

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Ninsianna needs an Email Me button.

Yeah - where's the 'email me' button you promised me?

Oh yeah and I want more links.
Have you people call my people so we can arrange a new lings box (like your random links box) but different, and not baby blue. That's a pretty ghey blue you've got there...


Do a google earch on "blog rolling" it's some kinda thing that will let you add links to your sidebar while browsing.


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