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End of week

It's the end of the weekend again. Just finished watching the second part of Battlestar Galactica. If they would turn it into a full-blown series again, I'd probably watch it. But that might turn out to be to much TV for me, so I don't know.

Im pretty much finished with all the shopping for the Christmas holiday now. Tracy and I went to Fry's yesterday to take care of most of it. It was a pretty standard trip to Fry's. Lots of guys looking at electronics. We did see one thing that was pretty interesting though. It was the 3D Book of Life, or something like that. It was a book about how babies get made. And it was a pop-up. The first thing you see when you open the book is an upside down baby in a uterus. Not what I was expecting. You turn the pages, and you get to the male reproductive system. Remember, it's a pop-up. No, the penis didn't pop straight up like that, you actually got a cross section of the whole nether-region area though. The penis itself was cross-sections, so it was really more disturbing than anything else.

The next page, of course, was a cross-section of the female reproductive system. Fallopian tubes, uterus, etc. The best part of this one, was that it had a little pull-tab. And you could pull the tab to watch the egg as it traveled down the tube to implant itself in the wall of the uterus. Quality. The rest was more pop-up babies in various stages of development within the womb. All upside down as if they were ready to slide on out. Everyone go out and buy it.

We then trekked to another Fry's to try to get an item teh first Fry's was out of, and finally, after way to many hours, headed home. For those that are not aware, my roommate, Ryan Moore, is apparently a porn star of bondage flicks. We thought it would be a great gift idea to find one of his movies and give it to him. So we stopped at New Fine Arts. The clerks there were unable to look up movies by star name, but they were able to point us straight to the bondage section. We quickly found Sting of the Whip, starring Ryan Moore, and rather than pay the $40 for a dubious bondage flick, we rented it for the evening. We presented it later that evening along with other minor gift exchanges after some friends had arrived. Im soooo glad we didnt buy it, too. The movie sucked. Maybe you just have to really be into bondage, but it was just bad all around. There was no sex in it at all. For a porno, it gets two cross-sectioned pop-up penises down.

Today was spent getting some small stuff at Target, and then Tracy and I sat in front of the TV wrapping stuff and watching the second half of 'The Two Towers' in preparation for the premiere of 'Return of the King' later this week.

In other news, they've apparently captures Saddam Hussein. Huzzah.

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Crap! Are we supposed to be googlebombing Ryan too? I forgot.


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