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Nothing much new today. Found a site I kinda like, Wikipedia. Reading some of the entries on math will make your head hurt a little though if you're not prepared for it.

After that, while researching possible google hacks, I found the term, 'googlewhack'. They even have a site: www.googlewhack.com. A googlewhack is basically a two word phrase that is not within quotes, and contains no proper or made-up names, and returns exactly one result from a Google search. I introduced it to Ninsianna, and she didnt stop whacking til she got one - sororicide conglomerate.

This evening, I checked the stats for Notival, and found that I had 77 unique hits from Primussucks.com. This confused me for a while, until I finally found a post that actually linked to my site. Some liked the picture I got from Tracy about the cat in the lime football hat, and linked it on the message board. Traffic soared. Yay me. If you don't remember the pic, here's the post again.

In other news, while on the topic of Google, you can now you the google toolbar to help solve scientific problems. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to find more info for 'google compute'.

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You're seriously lacking in comments lately. So I thought I'd add one to make it look like more people are interested in what you have to say. :-)

As for googlwacking - there are a lot of us with way too much time on our hands. I'm not even on the top 5 pages of the googlestack anymore. And there is a slight flaw in the system. A person could submit the same googlewack multiple times, it doesn't prevent duplicates. I may submit sororicide conglomerate again, just to get to the top of hte list, then take a screen shot...maybe.
I wonder if fraternicide conglomerate is a whack?

I found a google whack, I think, its jiggly thermador

Jon King:

undiseased tortoises - First time i tried to get a googlewhack... managed to succeed. Wonder how many more there are...


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