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I am spiderman

I should be spiderman anyway. A spider bit me twice this morning on the leg, and Im just waiting for the superhuman powers to kick in. Expect to see me on the news slinging webs very soon...

Worked out a little tonight. Some weights and elliptical stuff. Then a few minutes of raquetball to end it all. I like raquetball, I think I get a decent workout from it, but I'm not sure I do it enough. I think come January, I may try to double the amount of time I forcefully expend energy. Maybe lift a few more weights. Or lift a few weights more times.

My leg itches from the spider-bite, and there is some puss, but otherwise, it's not to bad. I can ignore the itching. Or at least, I can not scratch long enough to type.

I need more color here. I think I'll add some soon. Maybe more links. Astronomy pic of the day would be good. Maybe sports and big XII on once side, and science stuff on the other. And more random crap in the middle.

My daughter has found this place, so I will have to be a little aware of what I put in it for a while. A couple weeks until she stops coming to it. Then back to the porn.

In other news, (this ones for you Amy), I added two new Friendster Friends today, which is two more than I've added in a long time. Since Meegan I think, and my network stands at roughly 1.2 M from 15 friends. Speaking of Meegan, when is your new blog going to be up?


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