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I wouldn't call it smart...

So on the way home from work yesterday, Im talking to a friend of mine, and they relate to me their story from the previous day...

Apparently, this person wasn't feeling real well before work Tuesday morning, so they had the apparent foresight to bring a towel with them. As soon as I heard 'towel' I instantly started thinking of Hitchhiker's Guide. Anyway, not feeling well, but being a good trooper, they grab a towel and head to work. On the way to work, they decide it's not going to happen, and they turn around to head home. Gridlock being what it is, though, in major metropolitan cities, they did not get very far, and before long the queasiness got the best of them, and they threw up in the car. Right into the towel.

Their statement to me was (quite proudly) "Now, wasnt I smart to bring the towel?" To which I could only reply "Hell NO! Smart would have been staying at home if you are feeling so nauseated that you even *think* you would need a towel, or bucket, or fucking have to roll down the window. Stay home."

Am I right? Or is this person wiser than I want to give credit for?

In other news, Return of the King kicked ass. Best battle scenes ever. Not for those afflicted with Arachnaphobia. Maybe more later. Still assimilating.

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Puking into a towel isn't a brilliant idea.


i hope your friend makes a LOT of money. otherwise, i do not see the point in allowing yourself to get into a car, with a towel, knowing you were shortly going to puke in it.

Yah, they do alright.


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