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Im getting famous!

Everyone googles themself eventually. Some precious few are blessed to have quite unique names (such as bunny) and don't have to fight for Google recognition. The rest of us, like myself (Phlome) are preceded in Google by athletes, authors, professors, and in the case of Zero, by porn stars. However, by working through the system, and getting a few well placed links created, one can slowly work up the Google-chain. I found myself today at the bottom of page 23 of a Google search for myself. That's dozens of pages higher than I used to be. I used to be so deep I couldn't be found. Now I have a baseline, and can track my progress maybe. My hope is to someday make it into the top 5 or so Google pages. I dont think I'll be able to oust the baseball player and table tennis pro from their perches, but I can sure as hell make a move to the top of the lame-ass rest of us.

In other news, on Yahoo search, I'm number 180. bottom of page 9. Wooga.

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ARGH! Just b/c the IT goofballs here can't do it right doesn't mean my name ever deserves to be misspelled. Or mis-somethinged. Cultural hegemony!

Amy de Noyelles

speaking of the lame-ass rest - this guys still ahead of you: www.sliderule.ca.


What's the phrase that pays? "fuck you"

Seems somebody here suffers from "sliderule envy."


after 15 pages of looking, i gave up trying to find my name. and i'm not sure i even want it on there. but furious_jessy is reassuringly at the top of the page.

yeah - I'm very happy with Ninsianna being a top pick - I don't need my full name out there.


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