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Im old

A friend of mine from high school was in town recently, and we all managed to get together and hang out for a day or so. She brought her new boy-toy guy. Her boyfriend is a full decade younger than me. I used to have problems relating to my girlfriend's friends because they were 5 years younger than me. Im better about that now, but I still dont see how in the world you are supposed to manage a decade.

Still can't get back into the work groove yet. Got plenty to do though. I'll work on it later. Just wasting away the hours now until Wednesday. Not sure exactly what I'll be doing; maybe sitting at home, maybe going downtown clubbing. Either way, I dont expect to be lucid. The Friday off to Shreveport for gambling. Tracy seems to think we'll get there Friday and spend Saturday gambling. I suspect we'll get there and gamble for a while, and if we have any money left over, we'll do it some more on Saturday. ;)

Ive been in a real mood to play cards/gamble lately. Looking at poker tables and chips online. Might buy some chips, but got no place for a table. What would be really nice is a couple other regular people that would like to play poker a couple times a month. $5 buy-in. Nothing major. Maybe $15-20 if it was once a month or so. So, yeah, anyway, looking for regular poker buddies in Dallas.

In other news, Black People Love Us...

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Blackpeopleloveus.com has great links - such as to the official Kwanzaa web site. Happy Nia Day.


wow. just...wow.


Whee did you find that? It's either really twisted or genius.


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