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It's over already?

It's been over a week since I've been at work. Had quite a nice Christmas, thanks for asking. I got up and dressed this morning, and was ready to go to work, but just couldn't motivate myself to do. Just sat around looking for anything else to do. I'm here now, and suddenly have a ton to do.

Tracy and I drove to Tulsa for the holidays. Roughly 300 miles. While we were so far from home, we managed to have dinner with our roommate. We got back to Irving on Saturday, and on Sunday, since we were home again, we managed to have dinner with our friends that normally live 300 and 1200 miles away. Go figure.

Motivation today is severly lacking. Go pretend this blog is supremely entertaining.

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I'm entertained. Really. Woo.

I can't even muster the energy to deal with my own blog today. You have my empathy.


i almost destroyed my blog today. the only thing that saved it was some deft cutting and pasting. i will not be experimenting again until tomorrow.


very glad its over, get me tickets EKO


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