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Maybe I do smell

I told my boss that I wouldn't be able to take a shower this morning since the plumbers are still trying to find and fix the leaking pipe. He told me to just stay at home til I could shower. Woot. Technically, I think I'm 'working from home', but in reality I'm reading Caves of Steel. I picked up four of Asimov's robot novels last night for a cumulative $8, and am reading them now.

I'll not get a whole lot less done here at home than I would have at work. I think if I worked from home everyday, I'd get more done. At least then I would be trying to prove that working from home wasn't a hindrance. But someone has to be in the office in the mornings, and that someone is me. I try to get there around 8:30, and usually one of my co-workers shows up by about 10:30 or so.

In other news, I think we have decided to have a Christmas party this Saturday the 13th. If anyone outside of the usual reads this, send an email to myself, ryan, or tracy for details.

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I hope you have toilets for your Xmas party. BTW, George W. Bush is a miserable failure.

The george bush references are making absofuckinglutely no sense, amy.


Well your grrrl and your slumlord pointed out that I was google bombing incorrectly. I should be linking to El Presidente's bio on whitehouse.gov, not the one on whitehouse.com, and not just spewing that he is a wretched miserable failure. Go to FHB where I've mended my ways.


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