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It's my prediction that within 72 hours, nearly 80% of the worlds blogs will in some way or the other reference, or refer to the Lord of the Rings. Specifically, though this part of the prediction is less accurate, 'The Return of the King', will be mentioned. That's my prediction, heed my words.

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I will try my best not to mention LotR or RotK in myblog. I want a wish list on my web page. Guess I better make a wish list at amazon first...

I now have a wish list at amazon. Went a little crazy there. They now have a jewely section. And I couldn't decide which pair of black boots I liked best. Well I did, but they're only available in brown right now, so I just picked a few other black pair to make up for it.
I'll add more to the list as i see more stuff i want. I hope Ryan's right, and random people send me stuff.


Me too. Mama needs a TiVO.


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