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Slipping into the future

End of year. Wooga. Ive been trying to help FuriousJessy get her blog set up using MT all morning, and it's just not been cooperative. Finally decided to let it rest a few minutes and blog myself. Some webhosts need to get their shit together a little better. In the meantime, Im doing a format on a disk here at work and it's an hour into and about half done. So it looks like I still have time to kill.

Since it's end of month, I'll regale the pertinent stats for December to you all as of 5 minutes ago...

713 Unique visitors sucked up 198M of bandwidth.
I had 5 times Fewer visitors last month, but more bandwidth usage.

Internationally, I had 95 hits from the Netherlands (not unique) and 107 from Britain. But the Dutch looked at more pages. Im still waiting to be contacted by the hot Dutch girls though.

353 - Google hits. (last checked, eric owens was on page 15 of google)
99 - Jeeves hits

Amy won the 'link to me' war with 267.
Channel-Zero clocked in second at 155
Furious Jessy was a split up 125
Primussucks.com had 113. Odd, because I never knew about the page til I saw the hits.

I also got linked from http://paris-hilton-video.blogspot.com 9 times, and http://www.sexrabbit.de 2 times. Don't ask me how, I dont know.

And finally, the 'how did random people find me' section. Under what search phrases did Notival.com come up?
"Tequila Cat" was far and away the winner with 248 total. of the 117 other phrases searched on, most were variations on the tequila cat theme. Here's what they were looking for.
After the cat, the interesting searches were
"uterus upside down"
"plumbers ass pic"
"toga girls"
"penis cross section"
"stuft animal frogs"
"i am spiderman"
and finally...
"paris hilton sleeps with arkansas high school boy"

Have a safe New Year's everyone. Looks like I'll be going home around 1 or so since not to many are here today.

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wow....you get even weirder searches than i do. way to go. although, i did get found under both "redneck ghetto kennels" and "gmork scary" today.


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