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Slowly I turned, step by step...

The spectre of Christmas doth approacheth. I'm running low on time. I dont care to much though. I've not bought many gifts, but I have ideas of what I will be getting those who are getting anything, so I figure I can actually complete my shopping with a mall trip lasting about eight minutes. I like getting gifts for children. Young children. They are easy. Something noisy, something colorful, something that marks on mom's walls... As they get older though, it becomes almost as much a chore as buying for my brothers. My daughter wants clothes, pictures, and art supplies. I just don't feel right getting her nothing but clothes. She's only nine. It's okay though, I know what I'm getting her, I just can't say here, because she might actually read it.

I have bigger difficulties buying for my girlfriend. I have gotten her what I believe to be nice gifts that she will like. But it's really impossible to say. As I tried to explain to her one day about the problem I have buying stuff for others: Once I actually decide what to get, it's still a Herculean task because I tend to project my own standards of what the quality/style/functionality/etc should be. I have high standards on some things, and absolutely none on others. So my eternal fear, is that I get what I believe to be a really nice thing for someone, and it becomes a 'lovely parting gift', ala the Gong Show.

The bare concrete may not be aestetically pleasing, but at least we can poop in the house again. The plumbers were putting the toilets back on today. Hopefully that endeavor went smoothly. Click the big Channel-Zero icon for details.

In other news: Dan Reeves, one of the best pro football coaches ever, was fired this morning by the Atlanta Falcons. Tis truly the season.

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My mom ran into Danny Reeves at a donut store when she was taking us to school one morning in the late 70s. She got really excited. To this day my aunt still teases her about Danny Reeves signing her donut hole. I think his kids went to Lake Highlands with us.


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