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I need some spam software. Not for me. For work. I finally got the evaluation copy of a mail list manager to work, and realized that it although it may do what it does very well, it won't work as well for me at work as I want it. I just want something simple that will pull certain names out of a database and send them an email. And then tell me the ones that bounce. and keep a record of what was sent to whom and when. and handle automated responses. and automatic birthday sendouts. and give me pretty reports. Is that so much? I dont think it's to much, really. And this software can do that, just not as well as I want.

OMG it's december. The rate at which a year goes by seems to increase exponentially as you age. The first few years seem to take about eighty years to go by, but these last few have just flown. My daughter is 9 freakin years old! Which means I've known Ryan for almost a decade. Long live Rapahannak, eh?

About another hour of work, then off to the casa. Maybe a stop by Oshman's for new raquetballs, since the one we have been using the past couple weeks is fairly old, and has a tendency to bounce funny sometimes. I can not unleash the full fury of my raquetball-fu with a badly bouncing ball.

In other news, Christmas shopping suxx0rs.

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Is that how you spell that? I always thought it was spelled Walt Shields.


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