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The smell of football

Today is the Big XII title match. OU vs Kansas State in Kansas City. Practically a home game for K-State. And it will be really really cold. OU is favored by 2 touchdowns. OU has tied Notre Dame now for the most weeks ranked at number 1. With a win this weekend, they will have 96, and pass ND as the team ranked number 1 more than any other. 3rd on the list is Ohio State at 73. I think we're going to watch the game at 1st and 10 tonight, though that's not a certainty yet. Maybe go at halftime. The rest of the day will be spent goofing around. Maybe putting up a Christmas tree.

Made some more sanity changes to the HTML so things look better to me in the code, but nothing much noticable externally.

In other news, were it not for the tree that killed him fourteen years ago, my grandfather would be 83 today.


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