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The Tallest Midget

There is a great deal of discussion today about the BCS and it's failings. When you have three college football teams with one loss each, one of them is going to get the shaft. This year, it is USC. Though, in truth, if USC wins their Rose Bowl game against Michigan State, they will get a split of the National Title with the winner of the Sugar Bowl, so they can only complain so much. The whole situation moves us a half-step closer to a collegiate playoff system which would involve 4-8 teams, and might actually solve a lot of the current problems.

BCS supporters would argue at this point, that under the old system, we would be in an even worse situation. USC would still be playing in the Rose Bowl, LSU would be playing in the Sugar Bowl, and OU would probably be in either the Fiesta, or Orange Bowl. Then we would have the possibility of three one loss teams at the end of the season instead of just two.

I am one that thinks the BCS is slightly better than the old system. It is at this point that we have to involve the Tallest Midget Theorem. A solution which is only marginally better than the previous one, isn't really much of a solution, is it? It's something I heard on the 'Mike & Mike' show this morning, and it seemed very apropo.

In other news, something seems to be wrong in the plumbing at the house. There's a constant sound of running water from the bathroom, and the bathroom floors are slightly warm. Ryan is at home today waiting on a plumber, so I'm sure we'll get a full update on Channel-zero later.

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that happened at my mom's house recently. it wasn't pretty. but it was expensive. whee!


No! Don't tell me that. Lie to me say it was simple and cheap.


sadly it was not. and it did involve tearing out part of a wall. but your house couldn't be nearly the lemon that my mom bought. it was held together with putty and duct tape.


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