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You know, that guy, that wrote that book...

God bless my girlfriend. She's totally faboo 99.9% of the time, but every now and again, that generational gap thing rears it's ugly head... Last night, we're all in a bookstore, and Ryan and I are discussing Robert Lyn Aspirin, author of the 'Myth Adventure' comic series of books, and apparently a fine swordsman. Tracy overheard the conversation and said, "Oh, he's the guy that wrote your robot books!" Referring of course to Isacc Asimov (which I am currently re-reading). Yes, she's cool like the other side of the pillow that way. God bless her. :)

Not to say that I'm necessarily much better. I do occassionally run into walls, and when I got out of the car after lunch the other day, I accidently hit the panic button instead of the door-lock button on the remote. I blame it on wearing gloves. Instead of managing to immediately silence the alarm, I locked, then unlocked all the doors, turned the alarm off, and on again, and finally popped the trunk before I was able to hit the proper button. i.e., the Big Red one.

In other news, my roommate Ryan, is apparently a porn star.

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In my defense, I know Isaac Asimov. Not personally, and I don't think I've read any of his books, but I know he and the dude who wrote Contact like hung out and stuff... ok so not really. (I imagine eric just about had a conaniption with that one).
Carl Sagan was all about Isaac Asimov and stuff. and Eric's all about Isaac Asimov. Therefore Eric is Carl Sagan. Except Carl Sagan has already passed into the great unknown cosmos. Ok so I really don't know that much about Carl Sagan or Isaac Asimov. They're both authors and they're often both spoken about when talking science fiction. Honostly - Eric's the astronomy (I really want to say astronomics here for some reason), sci fi expert - I'm way out of my league here.

But seriously, I felt pretty dumb. I just hadn't been paying much attention to what Eric was reading. And I know he was looking for I, Robot, and actually willing to purchase it in paperback. He'd been looking at a book at barnes and noble, said he hadn't read it yet, but looked like part of the series. I assumed it was part of the robot series. So when I came back by and he and Ryan were talking about a book,and an author, and sword fighting, I just assumed they were all related to the series he was reading. Then I tried to pretend I had some clue what they were talking about, instead of admitting that I wasn't listing at all because I had been walking around thinking about Antonio Banderas as Armand from Interview with a Vampire.


tracy you must run out willy nilly and acquaint yourself with asimov. he's got some of the best and smartest dry wit ever. after reading some of his non-fiction, i was more than convinced he had to be once of the smartest people ever made. i *heart* foundation.

why is ryan a pornstar? is there damning video evidence?


you would not believe how often i run into walls. hence my "helmet" pic off to the right..


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