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January 1, 2004


First day of the new year and one must eat black eyed peas. So, when we finally got out of bed, Ninsianna and I went to The Black Eyed Pea for lunch. Nothing really sounded all that great. Nonetheless, we went, and ate. About halfway through the meal, I noticed that all of the servers were men. I think there might have been one or two females working in the whole restaurant. I mentioned it to Tracy, and then pointed out that at least 4 tables contained just guys. Two tables had a pair of guys, and two more had single guys that we could see. Now, I dont want to jump to any conclusions or anything, but has Black Eyed Pea become a homosexual hang-out or pick-up place of some sort?

The rest of the day was spent doing absolutely nothing. Tomorrow, Shreveport.

January 2, 2004

New Year's Resolution

I made none, per se. If I decide I need to make such a declaration, I'll do it when I see the need, and not wait until the planet has reached an arbitrary point in space determined over two thousand years ago. "Why wait til tomorrow what you can do today?" and "Why do today what you can put off til tomorrow?" We do what we want anyway.

Ninsi and I are heading to Shreveport this evening. Wish us luck in the casinos so I don't have to sell her body out to pay for gas home.

January 4, 2004

It's not wether you win or lose...

Yeah, it is actually. Because losing sucks big ones.

We made it back from Shreveport, and everyone (except the white slavers) will be pleased to know I did not have to sell Tracy's body for gas money. We did as well as could be expected by breaking even on the weekend. Tracy lost at Blackjack, I lost at slots, then we cleaned up at Roulette just before we left the casinos. Winning is addictive. If you get on a streak, it's real hard to admit it's gone when you lose it. Next time we go, we'll know that we don't have to stay real close to the casinos. There really isn't any point. Plenty of free parking at the casinos, so no need to walk, and the cost is about half as much if you stay 5 minutes away instead of 2 minutes away.

In other news, Spirit has landed on Mars, and will soon be sending back tons of lovely panoramic photos.

January 5, 2004

10,000 worse than the King of Pop?

There's an article from the New York Post today (here) that basically says playing a certain video game (Grand Theft Auto) is 10,000 times worse than anything of which Michael Jackson has even been accused. Tycho over at Penny Arcade rants about it nicely, so go there for a read.

In other news, I finally posted a few pictures of people from over Christmas. For starters, there is a surprisingly non-gay picture of Ryan . Well, maybe a little. But not near so much as this one. There's also one of Tracy and Jessy, Mike and Whiteny, just Tracy, and just Jessy.

I have a few more from when Diana came down with her boi, and I may put them up in a few days when I get a chance.

January 6, 2004

The Frozen Tundra

It's currently 23 degrees Fahrenheit outside, with an expected high of 37. By five o'clock, it will probably be back below freezing. I do not really mind the cold weather all that much. Sub-freezing, however, is a little different. This normally wouldn't be an issue still though, except that today after work, we are supposed to be playing football. outside. in a field. It's being dubbed Dragonbowl. I expect to hear the words "witch's titty" at least three times today. I also expect myself to go to wal-mart and buy some sweat pants or something so I dont get fucking frostbite.

In other news, I'm still looking for winning lotto numbers, and hot girls from the Netherlands with whom to hook up.

a new link

Here's a new link that I think I'll put up for a while...

January 7, 2004

Pain dont hurt...

But I'm not exactly quivering in orgasmic extasy from it either. There is some pain running up and down the front and back of both my thighs, a rather large bruise on my left wrist where it was kicked, and I think Ive strained an ass muscle. It was, of course, worth it. I think the only real mistake I made is in being a few years older than everyone else that played football yesterday. We had two teams of six, and will probably do it again. Sub-freezing or not. I think my side won by one score. I only caught one pass myself on offense, but my real calling has always been on defense. I "played defensive secondary like nobody's business" (quote from a guy this morning at work), since none of the guys I covered ever caught a ball, because I was always there to knock 'em down.

This evening, since both roommates will be out, I will just lay in a tub full of Epson salts. Either that, or I'll play some Links 2004.

In other news, the Martian rover Spirit is preforming nearly flawlessly. I'll put some links up soon to it's pictures, though you'd be hard pressed to not be able to find them yourself on accident. If it turns out that no sign of life has ever been present on Mars, I say we build some rockets and start sending hombres up there to being terraforming and colonization.

would-be anniversary

I just realized that today is the 7th of January. If I hadn't left, today would be my one year anniversay with Experian. It was the worst job I ever had. Hated it every mother fucking day, to the point that I was loathe to even speak of it. I've had other jobs I disliked greatly, but combine the pay, the commute, and the environment at Experian, and it easily tops my list of worst jobs ever held. And even though because of it, I know a hell of a lot about credit, how it works, how to fix it, and credit reports in general, I am still so glad I got out of there, I can't express the glee when I think on it.

Periodic table of Comics

Oh, I think I like this link...
The Periodic Table of Comic Books.

Strange bedfellows

With my web host, I can go in, and among other stats there is a list of "Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines)." I look through this list occassionally to see if my site is linked from anywhere else. It has popped in a message board once or twice, as well as, apparently, 'paris-hilton-video.blogspot.com'. That would be the work of a spider/crawler Im sure since I did mention that socialites name once upon a time. The other day though, I noticed a link from blog.johnkerry.com and wondered about that. Today, I see one from www.kucinich.us, another presidential hopeful.

My question is, why are this showing up as links from an external page? I dont see my site on there anywhere. Does anyone else get crap like this on their page? Is the government watching me, not so secretly? What do I have to offer to the Democratic National Committee that has these links showing up? What in the world is going on? I'd like these questions and more answered before the next episode of Soap...

January 8, 2004

slow day

it's a slow day.

I know in boxing that the pugilists aren't supposed to have sex during their training because it makes them weak or some shit. Apparently, the Chinese have similar beliefs concerning their Olympic table tennis members. Four of them were through off the team for having 'romantic affairs.'

That's all I got. Go smack a pig.


Oh, and I added a hot little link to Neko.

January 9, 2004

wang day

Im proposing a new holiday. Wang Day. Much like Talk like a Pirate Day, only you have to say wang a lot. Ive already told Ninsi she should answer the phone at work with 'Wang you for calling...' or 'This is Ninsi, how may I wang you.' But she's being pudlike and refusing. All that means is that today is not wang day. But maybe tomorrow can be. We'll sing Wang-Chung. Maybe remake an episode of the Smurfs and call it the Wangs, and dub it so they say wang instead of smurf throughout it. "Hey Wangette, you sure look/smell wangy today." "Why wang you, Hefty-wang. Want to go for a walk in the wang garden?" I think I need to stop now.

In other news on the wang front, Duck Cocks.

January 10, 2004

It's called Pandora's for a reason

Ninsi has gone to Tulsa for the weekend to watch some Grease with her mom.
That left me and Ryan at the house alone last night. Since he had already spent most of the afternoon/evening drinking, his judgement was clear enough to see the absolute need for a strip club. Who am I to argue with a drunk guy wanting to see strippers? I drove. After driving a short while, we found a place called Pandora's. Contrary to the legend though, there was not a whole lot of hope left in this place. $10 to park, $20 cover, and $5 for water. It was BYOB, and of course, we did not know this. The guys sitting behind us had an ice chest of their own beer, but we were stuck with water. In the interest of 'not saying anything bad,' I wont actually say anything about the dancers themselves. We were there 30 minutes, tops. We chalked it up to a 'learning experience.'

The Lodge, however, is a place to which we've been before. Cheap cover, good-looking girls, and you can buy beer. So we went there until Chantille(?), the nice little blonde girl with a piercing voice, danced away all the roommates money.

In other news, the tile guys are here again today to finish up Ryan's bathroom. Then we'll go get the his Gay Pride Xterra. I'll be sure to post a picture if it is worthy.

January 12, 2004

Why did the chicken cross the road?

That is the question that people ask. But what they don't tend to ask is, 'Did the chicken make it across?' I'm fairly sure it didn't. I live in Texas, and I grew up for the most part in Oklahoma. As such, I'm used to seeing dead animals on the road. Dogs, cats, armidillos, turtles, and opossums are the most common. The morning though, I'm pretty sure I saw a chicken. What was more surprising was that it appeared to be ready to cook. It had no head, and no feathers. Near as I can tell, someone bought a chicken at the store, then left it for roadkill. Go figure.

Intersolar news: Spirit is just about ready to roll.

In other news, I've decided my insurance sucks because it doesnt cover dental at all, and the vision might as well be non-existant.

January 13, 2004


It's a rather odd sensation, being actually busy at work to the point where you don't really have time to do a lot else. Which is why the blog is delayed til now. I've been doing stuff. Of course, part of what I was doing was finding a driving range that I think I can get to at lunch, and work on my driving. I also bitched more about the lack of vision insurance I have. It sucks so badly that it is actually going to be cheaper for me to go to a practitioner that is not covered by my insurance and for me to pay full price out of pocket.

Im also rather annoyed today with all those cockmunchers that made 'get in shape' resolutions for the new year. I tried to make a reservation for a raquetball court tonight, but nothing was availible for nearly 2 hours after our usual start time. We checked two different rec centers. It's because all those fat fucks are going to be out saying 'this year will be different!' I hope this year is different for them, truly. I just dont want them to do it on what I consider my time. tards.

Since Neko doesnt have comments, I'll relate a 'sleeping through something' experience here. I was just a boy, maybe 9 years old, and it was during the Summer months in Oklahoma. We had a large attic fan, which sucks are in through the windows and out the attic, creating a nice constant and fairly heavy breeze in the house. One night, we were all merrily asleep, the attic fan chugging away nicely, when somehow, something must have blocked one of the attic vents. This prevented air from escaping properly and the pressure in the attic increased quite a bit. So much pressure built up that it actually pushed through a section of the ceiling. A section that was several feet long and a couple feet wide. It happened right above my bed, and because it was Summer, I was sleeping on top of all my bed coverings. I was not hit by any ceiling bits, most of that was left hanging from the ceiling, but I was completely covered by insulation. totally. I never even woke up til my brother started poking me.

In other news, Hedwig tickets have been reserved, and I'll soon be adding a link to Hagrok.

January 14, 2004

Im falling apart

I think this is the second post in as many weeks concerning pain. And how it um, doesnt hurt. I have soreness in nearly every major muscle group in my body. About the only thing that doesn't hurt are my calves and my abs. Apparently I still have work to do. But between football last week, 100 balls on the practice range Saturday, 18 holes of golf Sunday (for the first time in 2 years), Kickboxing for the first time since November Monday, and then racquetball last night, I think I hurt. I feel my hamstrings when I walk, but they aren't to bad anymore, my biceps burn from using 15 lb weights instead of a more reasonable 10 at kickboxing. Oddly enough, my triceps are fine. There's also some soreness along the trapezius. I need to go buy a copy of Gray's anatomy so that when something new starts hurting, I wont have to say to myself 'what the fuck is that muscle?'

Im still planning to go to kickboxing tonight. Though, since I'm not real keen on going solo, I may just work out at the house instead.

January 15, 2004

What's for dinner?

The most exciting thing going on anywhere right now happens to be interplanetary. Spirit is on Mars, and has rolled off the lander. I think it's leaving donuts in the carfully cultivated Martian landscape right now...

Oh, and if anyone happens to know how much a small bucket of range balls costs at Ironhorse driving range, I'd appreciate the info. Especially if their Dutch.

The problem with nuts

I know girls like to complain about how going to the bathroom during the Winter months is such a discomfort because the toilet seat is inevitably cold. It's not that the seat itself is necessarily cold, it is probably closer to the ambiant temperature of the room, but your ass as been in the bed, under blankets, or stuffed into pants, and is a little warmer than that seat, so much like the wind chill factor makes it feel colder than it actually is, the toilet seat often confers a similar ass-chill factor.

I have no sympathy for this. I may have mentioned before that my office is cold. If I haven't, then Im saying it again, my office is fucking frigid. It has to be because it happens to be the same place as our servers. My hands are always, ALWAYS, cold to point of being pale. This means that every single time I have to take a piss, I have to hold my junk with a hand that is so cold, my testicals literally try to crawl up into my armpits. Every guy has this problem in the winter. Gloves help to mitigate it if you've been outside, but if you have been outside, and it's 20-30 degrees, and you have no gloves, but you need to piss really bad as soon as you come in, then you might as well forget about seeing your jewels for a few days. It goes beyond shrinkage.

So, the next time I hear a girl complain about a cold seat on her ass (which guys put up with also), I think I will have to get some ice and a pair of tongs so she will have a better understanding of what real iced down genetalia discomfort is.

January 16, 2004

Limited time offer!

I just got off the phone with Ryan, who is still in Miami but expecting to be back around 3 this afternoon, and he let me know that Channel-Zero is down. Apparently, his domain name has expired, and he never received the notification. It should be back after he's had a chance to renew it. And I'll be back later maybe with something actually bloggable.

There's nothing behind the curtain

Don't mind the mess on the left side. I'm just trying to do something new.

January 18, 2004

It's a car wash, honey

I have a fear that I'm going to go on a drunken bender some day, and wake up a few weeks later starring off-broadway as Hedwig. As Ryan mentioned in his blog, we all ventured to the Ridglea Friday evening for an evening with Hedwig, and his Angry Inch. I had seen the movie, but really had on idea what to expect from a live production. It was gay, bohemian, and pretty damn amusing. The production itself was great. I think we all had a good time. Ninsi managed to sit in the 'Hedwig Adventure seat' and was the recipient of the car-wash, which means she got the chance to look straight up into his crotch. That was all Friday. After that, we ate, and played some Trivial Pursuit.

En fukken para dukken

Party time for Tracy. I'll put some pictures up in a few days. This morning, the beer count in the icebox was 6. We started with 36. I'm pretty sure Ryan and I did most of that damage. There was drunkenness enough for everyone though. 'En fukken para dukken' is apparently drunken Ninsi-speak for 'A fucking pair of dueces'. We played some poker and Ryan and I managed to win it all. We also played the longest damn game of spades ever. It was after 4 am when we finally finished. I think Ninsi has one or two quotes written down that she'll want to share later herself. I would write more about the party, but I'm not remembering everything real well right now, so I'm just going to go watch a playoff football game and call it a day.

January 19, 2004

A chill in the air

I really like days like today. If you were to just look out the window, you'd see nothing but clear sky. It just looks warm and cozy enough to go out and lay in the sun. When you actually open the door, however, it's sub-freezing. I dont know why, but I have always liked days that were deceptive that way. After a marathon nerd session yesterday (ie DnD), I managed to not really get a whole lot accomplished. I'm somehow very okay with that. With a couple new projects at work, I dont think I'll be getting anything non-work related done for a while here either. Which means that the poll thing Im working on, as well as new links, and pictures from Christmas and Ninsi's bday will have to wait a few days. I'll get to them eventually though...

In other news, Amish teens are getting on the reality bandwagon

Lustful heretic

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!
You approach Satan's wretched city where you behold a wide plain surrounded by iron walls. Before you are fields full of distress and torment terrible. Burning tombs are littered about the landscape. Inside these flaming sepulchers suffer the heretics, failing to believe in God and the afterlife, who make themselves audible by doleful sighs. You will join the wicked that lie here, and will be offered no respite. The three infernal Furies stained with blood, with limbs of women and hair of serpents, dwell in this circle of Hell.

Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Extreme
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

Take the Dante's Divine Comedy Inferno Test

Im not all around bad, I'm just really bad in a few places. Well, at least you guys will know on what level to find me when you come visit.

Ninsi's bday

I put some pictures up from Ninsi's party. There are two pages worth. Comments are encouraged. :) Access them here...

January 20, 2004

Dragonbowl II

It's not tundra. It's not really even frozen. We have only the vaguest idea of what we're doing. We do, however, have a rather oblong 'ball' that we can throw around. And that, ladies, brings us to the second annual Dragonbowl game to be played in two weeks. "Why Dragonbowl", you ask? Because, the company I work for produces DragonBall Z, and someone thought it would be cute to name the football game similar. After the last one, I hurt for days. I suspect to feel about the same tomorrow. And this time, the roommate will be there, so he'll get to feel the burn too. muahahaha

Hopefully by now everyone has had a chance to see the pictures from Ninsi's birthday. The link will stay up on the side for a few months, so you've got time. I piddled around and put those up last night after we did an hour of kickboxin, then another 45 minutes or raquetball. Not a bad time at all.

In other news, Spirit finds a rock.

January 21, 2004

Okay, maybe pain does hurt

Though you should probably ask Ryan, since he's the one that is experiencing the pain today. He managed to tear or pull a ligamucstendorother during the DragonBowl yesterday. Im sure he'll have a write up on it later, when he gets back from the clinic. Otherwise, the game was much fun. I once again exuded defensive dominance, and do not hurt nearly so bad this morning as I did after the first game. Maybe Im building up resistance. Or maybe I didnt play as hard. I did wind up guarding the guy who was being the biggest pussy on the field. Oh well, tonight it's back to kickboxing and raquetball.

pop, fizzle, sizz

I work in a small IT department for a small company. This means that anything tech related, we handle. It can be internet, PC, telephone, email, or whatever. I come in from lunch today, and we ahve one of the company's overhead projectors in the office. The kind that you hook into your PC and it shoots onto the wall. It's about the size of a large camcorder. Apparently someone had a problem with it, so we're supposed to fix it. I notice it projecting merrily onto a wall, and get on with my work, while the other two guys go on with theirs. Suddenly, 'POP', and the sound of little bits of glass flying out, as if someone had dropped a light bulb. The glass light filiment inside the projector had just literally exploded, creating a very acrid aroma that filled the room. Pieces of glass are still embedded in the projector fan.


Not at all related, but noteworthy... I did not watch the State of the Union address by Bush last night, and I tend to avoid criticism of the President in general, regardless of who is in office, but I read the paper today at lunch, and it seems that Bush has forgotten exactly what an Amendment is for. He is apparently in favor of an Amendment to the Constitution to ban same-sex marriages. If states want to pass such a law, they can, but it's just "Oh my God" ridiculous to even suggest it for a fucking Amendment. Personally, Im no more for or against same-sex marriage as I am for or against 'traditional' marriage. I try to let people do what they want. Maybe I'm a little naive, but I tend to view the Constitution itself as a sacred document, something that should be tinkered with only with reluctance and always handled with great respect. Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Get the fuck real. He's become so homophobic that it borders on closet homosexuality.

January 22, 2004

Poodles are sluts

The new rage in the dog word is apparently mutts. It seems that people have started buying, for hundreds, and thousands, of dollars, some of the same pooches that most of us just go down to the shelter to get. 'Labradoodles', a cross between a labrador and a poodle are the big rage. Go here for the CNN article. They list several mixes, but what I found interesting was that 2/3 of the mixes consisted of using a poodle. A poodle will seemingly mate with anything. The breeder says they use poodles because they have a fairly non-allergenic coat, but I think we really know it is because poodles are big ole sluts.

In other news, the Spirit rover took a day off because it rained in Australia which meant NASA couldn't transmit commands to it for the day. Maybe tomorrow it will crack that rock.

Hopefully it's only a flesh wound

So Spirit isn't quite dead yet. That's the good news. They don't exactly know what the problem is though, and that's the bad news. I'm not sure what the average person thinks about the whole Mars business, but to people like me and Jessy, it is more exciting than, well, just about anything. If we lose all contact with Spirit, I fear Jessy may very well go into shock for a few days. We will then pin all our hopes on Opportunity, which is expected to land next week or so. I just don't like the image of a multi-hundred million dollar piece of science equipment using airbags to land. And being expected to bounce a few hundred feet around in the air a couple times before it stops. We can only hope though. If Spirit stays silent, and something similar happens to Opportunity, then we can only be left with the conclusion that there is something on Mars that doesn't want to be seen. It may not be reasonable, but it will at least give the rest of us something to chew on, other than simply blaming the guys at NASA for using fucking air bags to land.

January 23, 2004

tee hee

I gots polls now. :)
Still a little work to do though. Send me email or comments with any problems encountered please.
Do not use the 'send comments' on the poll though, that doesnt seem to be working yet.

update: The comments do seem to be working on the poll. Just took me a bit to find where they are. But no one else can see them.

Not quite dead yet

Great wootage this morning. Spirit sent 20 minutes of data back.

Jessy and I can hold off on that memorial service for a little while longer it seems.

Mailing it in

I finally realized that I have not done an actual entry for today. Letting the novelty of the new poll take the place of an entry. I was up til about 1 am getting it to work, and I am fairly pleased with it overall. The comments section does work, but so far, only I can view said comments. I could probably change it so comments were viewable to all, but then we would have just one more section to click on. If someone needs to comment on something about a poll, then they can just put it in the regular comments section for that day's, or previous day's entry. Channel-zero actually has forums which could be used for multiple thread discussion, but again, it's just that much more to read.

I'm just going to use the word blogosphere as if it was a real word. It will be shortly, if it is not, I'm sure. Jessie mentioned that everyone in our little blogosphere would want to steal the poll code and use for themself. I do expect that to happen. If one person get something cool, someone else is going to want it. I have no problems with that. Just let me have it for a fortnight. Then we can all have a poll. As I mentioned to Ninsi earlier today, if we keep stealing each others good ideas and putting them into our own page, then possibly, in a year or two, we will have pages that are really super cool, and actually attact people by the 10s...

Oh, I also finally got around to putting up a link for Hagrok's blog. He's the one without any pants. Give him some love. He used to be almost related to me, but not really ever quite.

Tonight is poker night. Hopefully I will manage to do well, and pay for my greens fees on Sunday. Since we have an earlier start time, the fees are about 7 dollars more. Ryan and I went to the driving range at lunch today, and ascertained once again, that we really, really, suck at golf. The prospect of paying $40-50 for a single lesson is looking more and more appealing. I suspect that if a single lesson could improve my game to the point where I could hit the ball, oh, maybe straight, then the lesson would eventually pay for itself because I would not lose roughly a dozen balls a game.

And for the sake of completeness, since Ive linked to everyone else's blog already, let's not forget about Amy who is going on a trip this weekend and will be out of the loops for a bit, or the ghost-plagued Neko who, even though Im sure she is cute as a button, still needs to put a link on her blog that would allow me to send her an email, because I think I have a couple Alice pictures she would enjoy.

Lastly, everyone should plan on attending DragonCon. It's great fun. It's in Atlanta. It's over Labor Day weekend. (September) Buy your tickets early, they cost more later. Do it.

January 25, 2004

wet day

Rock on NASA. Spirit's status has been upgraded from critical to serious, and the twin rover Opportunity has had an apparently flawless landing itself. Megatons of Martian data will be flowing soon.

In other news, it rained all day yesterday, so the golf course today will be a veritable swamp Im sure.

January 26, 2004


Im sunburned today. Yes, that is correct, I managed to get a sunburn on my face, neck, both arms and one hand yesterday. It's the 4th week of January, it isn't something I was really expecting to have to guard against. Ryan and I played golf again yesterday. We both did better than our previous round, shooting a 126 and a 138. We played with a guy Ryan works with that did about the same. The other person was just placed with us at the course, and he shot about 8 over par for the whole thing. For interested parties, here's the scorecard.

That was the biggest part of the weekend I think. Friday was poker night. I managed to not lose any money, but did not really win anything worth mentioning either.

Saturday was marked by a massive miscommunication at dinnertime. Ryan, Ninsi, and myself went to The Cheesecake Factory, about a 40 minute drive from the house, and were expecting to meet Monkey and Donut there. They called us when they arrived at the Outback Steakhouse that is near the house. So they drove the 40 minutes from there over to meet us. Of course, the wait for a table was so long, that we had not yet been seated with they arrived. After that, we did geek stuff that you can read about over at Ninsi's place.

I did have a couple more things I had thought to mention, but I'll be damned if I can remember what they were now.

January 27, 2004

Wet blankets

This is a fairly low traffic site. That's actually quite the exaggeration. It's a very very low traffic site. Mostly visited by the same few people over and again. There are random folk who find it accidently while looking for, among other things apparently, a 'cross-section of the penis', and I am sure that few, if any of them ever return. Over the course of a month, there will be a few hundred of the lost souls. But just because you never come back doesn't mean you can't vote in the damn poll! 1 click, boom. Yer done. You dont know what a Wiper Dragon is? Follow the link. Learn. Get sucked into this blogosphere. Getting people to vote though, I guess, is a tall order.

Not that it really matters. Im just typing away to fill some space while I wait for my ears to start peeling.

Joys of compiling

I like to watch stuff compile. Lots of amazing cryptic stuff flys by on the screen and people wander by going, 'Wow, what is that?' and I just say 'blehblahblah compile blah blah' and they think Im doing something really cool and smarty and go away. It's not like it is something I wrote that is compiling, but no one ever asks that. And even if they know I didnt do it, they assume I must need it for something else Im doing that is important and smarty.

In the meantime, it lets me play solitaire or minesweeper or something and if anyone asks about that, I can just point to the screen in the background with all the words and numbers flying by and say "Im waiting for that to finish."

January 28, 2004


This is just a reminder to Ninsi to think about blogging about the two guys she overheard at raquetball last night. She sat and evesdropped on them while I went on into the court. I think she might have some thoughts on what they said.


Yeah, so the quiz to which Neko has linked everyone for DnD seems to be making a veritable portable hole full of bards. I myself came out as a Chaotic Neutral Dwarf Mage Bard. I think I like Ale and Whores to much to be an elf, but whatever. Can a Dwarf even be a Bard? I wouldn't think they'd have the charisma.

I need more Mars updates damnit.

Well fuck all

I ask for a Mars update, and I get this crap. The Opportunity rober seems to be having some power drainage problems. Looks like whomever it was that voted 1 week in the poll was just about on target. Damn Martians needs to quit messing with our rovers. Send some Wiper Dragons up there to lay the smack down on their butts.

Jessy, you might want to start gearing up for the memorial again.

January 29, 2004

It's the law of the west

It seems I've been called out. By Neko specifically, and Jessy in general. It is no longer acceptable in this blogosphere to not blog daily, or at the very least, comment on another's blog. I've learned my lesson, girls, it shouldn't happen again. On another note, Neko, why do you avoid drive-thrus? Ive never been a fan of them myself, and given an option, will always go inside first. Even if I am getting it to go.

I've been happily marveling at the way the morning has zipped on by. Also been trying to decide if I want to go through OKC tomorrow on my way to Tulsa, or over to 75, and up. From where I am, going through OKC might be a little faster.

Ive also been thinking lately that we need a webring. I'll work on that next week maybe.

In other news, did Ninsi bother to tell any of you guys that she broke up with me? Now, run off and pester her about that. Also ask her about how she opposite of memory lapses. ie, she makes shit up that she says I said less than two minutes earlier.

January 30, 2004

Say anything but the 'E' word

In another example of how incredibly moronic state leaders can sometimes be, the Georgia State School Superintendent has propsed to remove the word 'evolution' from the science curriculum. She wants to replace it with the phrase 'biological changes over time.' I think that's one of the dumbest things I've heard this year. It is almost saying the word evolution is not politically correct, so we need to make it softer. It's also a nice springboard to completely removing the concept from the schools. I am not a fan of political correctness. It has it's place, but for the most part, it has been taken way to far. Face it, some people are handicap, some are retarded, and some are just fucking fat. If I call someone a 'fat pig', then they probably have a right to be offended, because odds are, I have just made an attempt to insult them. (though I like to think I could do a lot better than 'fat pig'). But if I merely say 'You broke the chair because your fat,' then I have merely stated a fact based on an observation.

On the other, more sane, side of the news, NASA is rethinking their decision to stop supporting Hubble. They may continue maintenance on it for a while longer, because people just like it.

In other news, Im leaving in a couple hours to spend the weekend in OK. So everyone should have a merry Superbowl weekend.

I want, no NEED, one of these

Thanks to Ninsi for showing me this link. I guess you would call it a life-size Periodic Table of Elements. I do think it's rather funny that most of the fusion, or cyclotron created elements, are represented by pictures of the people after whom they are named.

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