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A chill in the air

I really like days like today. If you were to just look out the window, you'd see nothing but clear sky. It just looks warm and cozy enough to go out and lay in the sun. When you actually open the door, however, it's sub-freezing. I dont know why, but I have always liked days that were deceptive that way. After a marathon nerd session yesterday (ie DnD), I managed to not really get a whole lot accomplished. I'm somehow very okay with that. With a couple new projects at work, I dont think I'll be getting anything non-work related done for a while here either. Which means that the poll thing Im working on, as well as new links, and pictures from Christmas and Ninsi's bday will have to wait a few days. I'll get to them eventually though...

In other news, Amish teens are getting on the reality bandwagon


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