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Hopefully it's only a flesh wound

So Spirit isn't quite dead yet. That's the good news. They don't exactly know what the problem is though, and that's the bad news. I'm not sure what the average person thinks about the whole Mars business, but to people like me and Jessy, it is more exciting than, well, just about anything. If we lose all contact with Spirit, I fear Jessy may very well go into shock for a few days. We will then pin all our hopes on Opportunity, which is expected to land next week or so. I just don't like the image of a multi-hundred million dollar piece of science equipment using airbags to land. And being expected to bounce a few hundred feet around in the air a couple times before it stops. We can only hope though. If Spirit stays silent, and something similar happens to Opportunity, then we can only be left with the conclusion that there is something on Mars that doesn't want to be seen. It may not be reasonable, but it will at least give the rest of us something to chew on, other than simply blaming the guys at NASA for using fucking air bags to land.

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Face it the martians got sick and tired of us nosey tourists. And they don't want any friggin' McDonald's, wal-marts or Starbucks up there either.

"Damn, tourist crazed earthlings, you don't see us sending annoying little probes to spy on them do you...what was that Xleblo? Flying saucers? Ours? Oh, well never mind.
Smash it anyway, it annoys me."

I have a feeling I'm gonna be the only one who laughs at that.


I thought it was funny...

I think it's damn amazing that spirit got out of it's little lander. They're basically putting a RC car on mars and controlling it from earth! I can't even get the TV remote to work reliably.


it's not looking good for spirit. i'm working on some memorial ideas. :)

Yeah, I may have to help you with that Memorial.


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