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Im falling apart

I think this is the second post in as many weeks concerning pain. And how it um, doesnt hurt. I have soreness in nearly every major muscle group in my body. About the only thing that doesn't hurt are my calves and my abs. Apparently I still have work to do. But between football last week, 100 balls on the practice range Saturday, 18 holes of golf Sunday (for the first time in 2 years), Kickboxing for the first time since November Monday, and then racquetball last night, I think I hurt. I feel my hamstrings when I walk, but they aren't to bad anymore, my biceps burn from using 15 lb weights instead of a more reasonable 10 at kickboxing. Oddly enough, my triceps are fine. There's also some soreness along the trapezius. I need to go buy a copy of Gray's anatomy so that when something new starts hurting, I wont have to say to myself 'what the fuck is that muscle?'

Im still planning to go to kickboxing tonight. Though, since I'm not real keen on going solo, I may just work out at the house instead.

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i'm getting pretty soft, myself. i'm thinking of doing some jogging.


What a drag it is getting old. Ibuprofen is really cheap at WalMart, but then you're tacitly approving of their unfair labor practices.


kickboxing are you trying to get tough like me? or just in shape? oh, dont worry about the tickets, i have a bachelor party to attend. see ya. ro


Stretch! Especially after exercise.. Ibuprofen is also your friend.

Yes yes, I know. I do strectch, though probably not enough. And I tend to avoid taking aspirin, or really any kind of meds. Nothing really against it, I just dont hardly do it. I think I've taken about two aspirin in the past 5-6 years.


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