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It's a car wash, honey

I have a fear that I'm going to go on a drunken bender some day, and wake up a few weeks later starring off-broadway as Hedwig. As Ryan mentioned in his blog, we all ventured to the Ridglea Friday evening for an evening with Hedwig, and his Angry Inch. I had seen the movie, but really had on idea what to expect from a live production. It was gay, bohemian, and pretty damn amusing. The production itself was great. I think we all had a good time. Ninsi managed to sit in the 'Hedwig Adventure seat' and was the recipient of the car-wash, which means she got the chance to look straight up into his crotch. That was all Friday. After that, we ate, and played some Trivial Pursuit.

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channel-zero is still down. it's making me upset. and thank you, phlome, for being the first to detail the live hedwig show. i was very curious and envious.


yeah. channel-zero is very down. ryan keeps saying it's up, but he's lying.


C-Z is totally up and going. Maybe just not in the Ozarks? Also, who picked up the old gay men? Give a sista her props.


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