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It's called Pandora's for a reason

Ninsi has gone to Tulsa for the weekend to watch some Grease with her mom.
That left me and Ryan at the house alone last night. Since he had already spent most of the afternoon/evening drinking, his judgement was clear enough to see the absolute need for a strip club. Who am I to argue with a drunk guy wanting to see strippers? I drove. After driving a short while, we found a place called Pandora's. Contrary to the legend though, there was not a whole lot of hope left in this place. $10 to park, $20 cover, and $5 for water. It was BYOB, and of course, we did not know this. The guys sitting behind us had an ice chest of their own beer, but we were stuck with water. In the interest of 'not saying anything bad,' I wont actually say anything about the dancers themselves. We were there 30 minutes, tops. We chalked it up to a 'learning experience.'

The Lodge, however, is a place to which we've been before. Cheap cover, good-looking girls, and you can buy beer. So we went there until Chantille(?), the nice little blonde girl with a piercing voice, danced away all the roommates money.

In other news, the tile guys are here again today to finish up Ryan's bathroom. Then we'll go get the his Gay Pride Xterra. I'll be sure to post a picture if it is worthy.

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ohhhh no. there's nothing more uncomfortable than going to a bad strip club. except for maybe working at a bad strip club.


According to someone who would know, Pandora's caters to the underage stripper afficionado.


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