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It's not wether you win or lose...

Yeah, it is actually. Because losing sucks big ones.

We made it back from Shreveport, and everyone (except the white slavers) will be pleased to know I did not have to sell Tracy's body for gas money. We did as well as could be expected by breaking even on the weekend. Tracy lost at Blackjack, I lost at slots, then we cleaned up at Roulette just before we left the casinos. Winning is addictive. If you get on a streak, it's real hard to admit it's gone when you lose it. Next time we go, we'll know that we don't have to stay real close to the casinos. There really isn't any point. Plenty of free parking at the casinos, so no need to walk, and the cost is about half as much if you stay 5 minutes away instead of 2 minutes away.

In other news, Spirit has landed on Mars, and will soon be sending back tons of lovely panoramic photos.


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