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It's the law of the west

It seems I've been called out. By Neko specifically, and Jessy in general. It is no longer acceptable in this blogosphere to not blog daily, or at the very least, comment on another's blog. I've learned my lesson, girls, it shouldn't happen again. On another note, Neko, why do you avoid drive-thrus? Ive never been a fan of them myself, and given an option, will always go inside first. Even if I am getting it to go.

I've been happily marveling at the way the morning has zipped on by. Also been trying to decide if I want to go through OKC tomorrow on my way to Tulsa, or over to 75, and up. From where I am, going through OKC might be a little faster.

Ive also been thinking lately that we need a webring. I'll work on that next week maybe.

In other news, did Ninsi bother to tell any of you guys that she broke up with me? Now, run off and pester her about that. Also ask her about how she opposite of memory lapses. ie, she makes shit up that she says I said less than two minutes earlier.

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You know, I was going to try and avoid making a big deal of this.


Pestering accomplished. So sorry you'll be missing in action this weekend on the TX front. You will be missed. I still want to see you get really, really wasted again. Very amusing.


Kids, no fighting on the blogs.
Phlome is very funny when he drinks, everything that is worth saying is worth saying VERY LOUD.

Oh BTW 75 is much faster at least 30-45 minutes IMO.

yes and sometimes he looses his kilt - after he's had the undies removed...

btw - in my defence, which makes more sense, someone having a memory lapse, or an event spontaniously popping into one's memory with in a matter of minutes?


i avoid the drive thru for the same reason i refuse to have a home phone. i don't want to talk to strangers. seriously. it's kind of debilitating, but that's the way it is.


ok, obviously everyone in dallas knows what this means, but our office staff is very upset by this post and ninsi is not talking. get to talking. i'm emotional enough as it is.


DEFINETELY a webring. people haven't forgiven me since i broke up the xanga webring.

Broke up?!??! What?!??! Am I missing something here?????


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