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Joys of compiling

I like to watch stuff compile. Lots of amazing cryptic stuff flys by on the screen and people wander by going, 'Wow, what is that?' and I just say 'blehblahblah compile blah blah' and they think Im doing something really cool and smarty and go away. It's not like it is something I wrote that is compiling, but no one ever asks that. And even if they know I didnt do it, they assume I must need it for something else Im doing that is important and smarty.

In the meantime, it lets me play solitaire or minesweeper or something and if anyone asks about that, I can just point to the screen in the background with all the words and numbers flying by and say "Im waiting for that to finish."

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very nice - glad you're enjoying yourself playing games, and not just ignoring me for no apparent reason.


i like to watch my hard drive defrag. or i did before the latest incarnations of windows took away the boxes and replaced them with a graph.


Yeah compling is great, especially when you wait 45 minutes for a compile and then it fails on the last step.


It's interesting to note that about 90% of my job is actually done by a computer.

Some times i see him compile, it's quite boring. then i thank myself that i sucked so bad at coding that i don't have to compile. But then again I have to deal with peoples problems and he only has to do it 2 or so hours a day :(


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