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Mailing it in

I finally realized that I have not done an actual entry for today. Letting the novelty of the new poll take the place of an entry. I was up til about 1 am getting it to work, and I am fairly pleased with it overall. The comments section does work, but so far, only I can view said comments. I could probably change it so comments were viewable to all, but then we would have just one more section to click on. If someone needs to comment on something about a poll, then they can just put it in the regular comments section for that day's, or previous day's entry. Channel-zero actually has forums which could be used for multiple thread discussion, but again, it's just that much more to read.

I'm just going to use the word blogosphere as if it was a real word. It will be shortly, if it is not, I'm sure. Jessie mentioned that everyone in our little blogosphere would want to steal the poll code and use for themself. I do expect that to happen. If one person get something cool, someone else is going to want it. I have no problems with that. Just let me have it for a fortnight. Then we can all have a poll. As I mentioned to Ninsi earlier today, if we keep stealing each others good ideas and putting them into our own page, then possibly, in a year or two, we will have pages that are really super cool, and actually attact people by the 10s...

Oh, I also finally got around to putting up a link for Hagrok's blog. He's the one without any pants. Give him some love. He used to be almost related to me, but not really ever quite.

Tonight is poker night. Hopefully I will manage to do well, and pay for my greens fees on Sunday. Since we have an earlier start time, the fees are about 7 dollars more. Ryan and I went to the driving range at lunch today, and ascertained once again, that we really, really, suck at golf. The prospect of paying $40-50 for a single lesson is looking more and more appealing. I suspect that if a single lesson could improve my game to the point where I could hit the ball, oh, maybe straight, then the lesson would eventually pay for itself because I would not lose roughly a dozen balls a game.

And for the sake of completeness, since Ive linked to everyone else's blog already, let's not forget about Amy who is going on a trip this weekend and will be out of the loops for a bit, or the ghost-plagued Neko who, even though Im sure she is cute as a button, still needs to put a link on her blog that would allow me to send her an email, because I think I have a couple Alice pictures she would enjoy.

Lastly, everyone should plan on attending DragonCon. It's great fun. It's in Atlanta. It's over Labor Day weekend. (September) Buy your tickets early, they cost more later. Do it.

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OMG, I can't believe you remember that, I didn't. Ahh, the memories.. thanks Phlome :)



I bought my DragonCon ticket today. I also reserved 2 hotel rooms in my name. They will be on the same floor at the very least.


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