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Pain dont hurt...

But I'm not exactly quivering in orgasmic extasy from it either. There is some pain running up and down the front and back of both my thighs, a rather large bruise on my left wrist where it was kicked, and I think Ive strained an ass muscle. It was, of course, worth it. I think the only real mistake I made is in being a few years older than everyone else that played football yesterday. We had two teams of six, and will probably do it again. Sub-freezing or not. I think my side won by one score. I only caught one pass myself on offense, but my real calling has always been on defense. I "played defensive secondary like nobody's business" (quote from a guy this morning at work), since none of the guys I covered ever caught a ball, because I was always there to knock 'em down.

This evening, since both roommates will be out, I will just lay in a tub full of Epson salts. Either that, or I'll play some Links 2004.

In other news, the Martian rover Spirit is preforming nearly flawlessly. I'll put some links up soon to it's pictures, though you'd be hard pressed to not be able to find them yourself on accident. If it turns out that no sign of life has ever been present on Mars, I say we build some rockets and start sending hombres up there to being terraforming and colonization.

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I know a few people I'd like to put on the first rocket to mars. :)


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