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Poodles are sluts

The new rage in the dog word is apparently mutts. It seems that people have started buying, for hundreds, and thousands, of dollars, some of the same pooches that most of us just go down to the shelter to get. 'Labradoodles', a cross between a labrador and a poodle are the big rage. Go here for the CNN article. They list several mixes, but what I found interesting was that 2/3 of the mixes consisted of using a poodle. A poodle will seemingly mate with anything. The breeder says they use poodles because they have a fairly non-allergenic coat, but I think we really know it is because poodles are big ole sluts.

In other news, the Spirit rover took a day off because it rained in Australia which meant NASA couldn't transmit commands to it for the day. Maybe tomorrow it will crack that rock.

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Oh! that reminds me a a really great movie I saw on a plane once. It was about the 3 guys from NASA who had to run the dish in Austalia so they could talk to the Apollo Missions. I think it was called "The Dish."


i want a "dorgi"! i just have a "corgi" now.

Dorgi? Did I miss something? I don't remember reading about Dorgis. What's that? I want a Bagle.


Oh you have to read the article about the dachsund + corgi = dorgi. I just want Neko's corgi! I just want any corgi.


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