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pop, fizzle, sizz

I work in a small IT department for a small company. This means that anything tech related, we handle. It can be internet, PC, telephone, email, or whatever. I come in from lunch today, and we ahve one of the company's overhead projectors in the office. The kind that you hook into your PC and it shoots onto the wall. It's about the size of a large camcorder. Apparently someone had a problem with it, so we're supposed to fix it. I notice it projecting merrily onto a wall, and get on with my work, while the other two guys go on with theirs. Suddenly, 'POP', and the sound of little bits of glass flying out, as if someone had dropped a light bulb. The glass light filiment inside the projector had just literally exploded, creating a very acrid aroma that filled the room. Pieces of glass are still embedded in the projector fan.


Not at all related, but noteworthy... I did not watch the State of the Union address by Bush last night, and I tend to avoid criticism of the President in general, regardless of who is in office, but I read the paper today at lunch, and it seems that Bush has forgotten exactly what an Amendment is for. He is apparently in favor of an Amendment to the Constitution to ban same-sex marriages. If states want to pass such a law, they can, but it's just "Oh my God" ridiculous to even suggest it for a fucking Amendment. Personally, Im no more for or against same-sex marriage as I am for or against 'traditional' marriage. I try to let people do what they want. Maybe I'm a little naive, but I tend to view the Constitution itself as a sacred document, something that should be tinkered with only with reluctance and always handled with great respect. Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Get the fuck real. He's become so homophobic that it borders on closet homosexuality.

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I don't think that amendment will ever happen. He was just throwing a bone to the ultra-conservatives to let them know he's "on thier side."


Yet another reason I'm on the "anyone but Bush" ticket this year.

Bush fucking pisses me off. I am very rarely at all political. But my opinion has very little to do with politics. He's a fucking drunk ass coke head who's daddy got him the most public job in the world. He's illiterate and uneducated.
When he was elected I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide for 4 years. But even then I had no idea how much of an embarrassment he would be to the US. I didn't vote at all in the 2000 election because I didn't want to be responsible for putting any of the candidates in the office.
Now, like Dan and so many others, I will vote for the person most likelty to defeat Bush in the 2004 election. But as I've said in another comment somewhere else, a vote against Bush in Texas is practically a wasted vote.
On a high note, I have heard a few political commenters say that it doesn't look that great for Bush in the this election.
We can only hope...


A vote agianst Bush in Texas may be wasted but a vote for a Democratic Senator certainly isn't!


texas is just a strange place anyway.


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