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Strange bedfellows

With my web host, I can go in, and among other stats there is a list of "Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines)." I look through this list occassionally to see if my site is linked from anywhere else. It has popped in a message board once or twice, as well as, apparently, 'paris-hilton-video.blogspot.com'. That would be the work of a spider/crawler Im sure since I did mention that socialites name once upon a time. The other day though, I noticed a link from blog.johnkerry.com and wondered about that. Today, I see one from www.kucinich.us, another presidential hopeful.

My question is, why are this showing up as links from an external page? I dont see my site on there anywhere. Does anyone else get crap like this on their page? Is the government watching me, not so secretly? What do I have to offer to the Democratic National Committee that has these links showing up? What in the world is going on? I'd like these questions and more answered before the next episode of Soap...

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Maybe it's because of my botched Googlebombing attempts?

Nah, im betting it's a random spider thing.


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