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tee hee

I gots polls now. :)
Still a little work to do though. Send me email or comments with any problems encountered please.
Do not use the 'send comments' on the poll though, that doesnt seem to be working yet.

update: The comments do seem to be working on the poll. Just took me a bit to find where they are. But no one else can see them.

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the poll looks much better than the mess that's been over there the last few days. hehe...

I dunno, I thought that mess looked kinda cool. Like I was doing something really spiffy.


heehee. quick everyone, steal the code!


Interesting, we all seem to agree that Ryan is nothing like David Bowie.


and i think we can all agree that ryan is the one skewing the votes to johnny depp.


Hey I only voted once.:P If I wanted to rig the poll JD would already have 635,000 votes. I think we just have to many Hedwig fans in our little "blogosphere" :)

for the record, I do not think you're gay like Hedwig. I think you're gay like Eddie Izzard, who isn't really gay at all.


I think Bowie is technically Bi, though for a man that's still gay.


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