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The Frozen Tundra

It's currently 23 degrees Fahrenheit outside, with an expected high of 37. By five o'clock, it will probably be back below freezing. I do not really mind the cold weather all that much. Sub-freezing, however, is a little different. This normally wouldn't be an issue still though, except that today after work, we are supposed to be playing football. outside. in a field. It's being dubbed Dragonbowl. I expect to hear the words "witch's titty" at least three times today. I also expect myself to go to wal-mart and buy some sweat pants or something so I dont get fucking frostbite.

In other news, I'm still looking for winning lotto numbers, and hot girls from the Netherlands with whom to hook up.

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i love your obvious efforts to raise your google rank.


If you get the first one the second one shouldn't be a problem.


someone found my site in google today by searching for "blogspot virginia "oh and" neko".
that is kind of interesting but not nearly as funny as "redneck ghetto kennels", which has been my favorite so far.


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