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The problem with nuts

I know girls like to complain about how going to the bathroom during the Winter months is such a discomfort because the toilet seat is inevitably cold. It's not that the seat itself is necessarily cold, it is probably closer to the ambiant temperature of the room, but your ass as been in the bed, under blankets, or stuffed into pants, and is a little warmer than that seat, so much like the wind chill factor makes it feel colder than it actually is, the toilet seat often confers a similar ass-chill factor.

I have no sympathy for this. I may have mentioned before that my office is cold. If I haven't, then Im saying it again, my office is fucking frigid. It has to be because it happens to be the same place as our servers. My hands are always, ALWAYS, cold to point of being pale. This means that every single time I have to take a piss, I have to hold my junk with a hand that is so cold, my testicals literally try to crawl up into my armpits. Every guy has this problem in the winter. Gloves help to mitigate it if you've been outside, but if you have been outside, and it's 20-30 degrees, and you have no gloves, but you need to piss really bad as soon as you come in, then you might as well forget about seeing your jewels for a few days. It goes beyond shrinkage.

So, the next time I hear a girl complain about a cold seat on her ass (which guys put up with also), I think I will have to get some ice and a pair of tongs so she will have a better understanding of what real iced down genetalia discomfort is.

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i will agree with you insofar as that is not the worst thing that can befall a woman in the restroom. that worst thing is when you get up in the middle of the night and sit down to do your business forgetting to check whether your boyfriend has left the seat up. because if it's up, you're taking an ass bath in the toilet.

THAT is the worst.


oh come on people, that's funny shit.


I've taken the ass bath at WalMart.


hehe...."ass bath"...that's pretty good...(and suddenly, all the female posters seemed to be 14 year old boys)


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