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wang day

Im proposing a new holiday. Wang Day. Much like Talk like a Pirate Day, only you have to say wang a lot. Ive already told Ninsi she should answer the phone at work with 'Wang you for calling...' or 'This is Ninsi, how may I wang you.' But she's being pudlike and refusing. All that means is that today is not wang day. But maybe tomorrow can be. We'll sing Wang-Chung. Maybe remake an episode of the Smurfs and call it the Wangs, and dub it so they say wang instead of smurf throughout it. "Hey Wangette, you sure look/smell wangy today." "Why wang you, Hefty-wang. Want to go for a walk in the wang garden?" I think I need to stop now.

In other news on the wang front, Duck Cocks.

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Thanks again Eric - I totally needed something funny like TLAP.com. Shiver me timbers and aaargh!


Penny Arcade used to sell a shirt that said "Got Wang?"


penny arcade used to also sell "shut your piehole" shirts. i always intended to buy one and never got around to it....and now they are no more. sigh...


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